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10 Best Online Resources for College Students

Best Online Resources for College Students

College is a busy time for students when they have to juggle studies, work, and a lot of other important responsibilities. But there are a lot of online tools and other resources available to help you study more effectively and feel more relaxed. For example, you can help with essay writing at a reliable to improve your skills and save time. Here is a list of valuable online resources that can make your life easier and will help you meet your goals and get good grades.

Skillshare is a great platform for learning new skills by watching educational videos. There are more than 30,000 classes available in such categories as design, business, entrepreneurship, writing, illustration, technology, photo and film, and more. You can download an app for Android or iOS and watch hundreds of free lessons. If you upgrade to a premium account, you will be able to get access to the full library of video lessons available for subscribers.

Alison is an online learning platform where everyone can get access to free self-paced courses that can help you develop work-based skills. Currently, there are 1,000 courses available in such areas as health, humanities, marketing, business, technology, language, and more. When you complete a course, you can take an assessment and get a certificate or a diploma.

OpenCulture brings together high-quality educational and cultural media for the community of life-long learners. This is a great website for college students because it can give you access to excellent resources for your professional and personal development. You can find useful content on a wide variety of topics, including world history and writing tips. There are free language learning lessons, movies, online courses, ebooks, audiobooks, and textbooks. The textbook section includes more than 150 books written by world-famous scholars in a wide range of subjects, including business, management, education, physics, art history, and more. There are also links to social media sites like Facebook to help users share interesting content.

Wolfram Alfa is a computational knowledge engine that can help you get expert answers to different questions. This service uses AI algorithms to compute answers to factual queries by using data from external sources – both sites and books. The engine can solve an engineering problem, math equations, etc. You can also get step-by-step solutions to math problems if you pay about $5 per month.

EasyBib is a free online citation generator. Using this automated citation machine, you can easily turn any of your sources into a citation in just a click. Referencing sources for academic papers is a time-consuming task that requires attention to detail and can be tiresome. A free citation generator can help you save a lot of time while referencing your research papers and essays. This service can help you cite your sources using APA, MLA, and Chicago citation styles. 

Evernote is a useful app that can help you manage your notes. You will be able to be more productive while taking notes and organizing them, creating task lists, and archiving your information. It will help you remember everything that matters to you and stay organized. You can download an app for android or iOS and get access to your information when you need it even offline.

StudentRate is a website which provides information about student discounts, deals, coupons, and promo codes for all kinds of different things and will help you save money on textbooks, laptops, clothes, travel, and more. The service is absolutely free for college students so if you are going to buy something, it’s always better to check if you can have it for a discounted price.

Tomato Timer is a productivity tool that will help you work and study effectively. It’s a free browser-based app you can use every day as your timer when you are reading up for your tests or academic writing papers to stay focused on your tasks and avoid procrastination. The timer is based on the Pomodoro Technique, a time management method when work is broken into intervals of 25 minutes in length, which are separated by short breaks. is an app that provides music designed by AI to maximize the potential of your brain and promises to improve your ability to focus, relax, and sleep. The app is backed by tons of research and engineering, and it will survey your performance as you use it and will tailor what it plays to affect your brain more effectively and improve its functioning.

Study Guide Zone is the place you can go for test preparation, exam reviews, practice tests, and study tips. There are lots of free resources you can use to improve your score in different standardized tests. You will also find here the necessary information about such tests as MAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT, and more. They offer practice tests you can use to check your readiness to take standardized tests as well.

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