10 Tips for Creating Amazing Promotional Videos

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Every business is looking for ways to improve sales. One proven way to get more attention from customers is to incorporate videos into the marketing plan. Promotional videos are worth the investment if they are made and marketed correctly. Here are some surefire ways to create a killer video for a product or business:

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1 Determine a Budget and Stick to It: Video marketing can certainly bring in a lot of business, but creating and promoting a video can be expensive in and of itself if the producers aren’t paying attention. It’s important to set the budget and stick to it (this means having people working on the production that can be trusted not to overspend).

2 Spend Time on the Script: Having a solid concept, script, and even storyboards are essential to creating an effective, and entertaining, video with a clear message. Working on the script, but not over scripting everything to the point of stiffness, will give the video structure and make filming or animating it easier. Remember to include a call to action in the end of the video to get the viewer active with the business.

3 Know the Audience: Creating an effective video means knowing who it’s being made for and speaking to them. If a video tries to include everyone it runs the risk of being bland and not being as effective in the target demographic as it could be.

4 Keep the Video Brief and to the Point: No one wants to watch a long video, and the attention span of the average internet viewer is fairly brief. Remember that the video is competing with all of the other content that’s out there, and letting it drag on will lose viewers’ engagement.

5 Have a Clear Message: Focusing on one or two specifics about the company or a product will not only keep the video short, but will also make sure that the audience understands its purpose.

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6 Edit, Edit, Edit: Using the right editing program can take raw footage and turn it into a professional looking video. Choosing compelling music and sound effects will put the final touches on a video and strengthen the overall tone and message.

7 Share It: Now that it’s made, it needs to be seen by an audience. Uploading the video to Youtube or another video sharing site and then embedding or linking the video to the business’ website, newsletter, Twitter, Facebook, and other relevant websites will make sure that people watch it.

8 Read the Comments: Getting feedback from the audience is a great way to know what worked and what didn’t. By responding to comments on the video and on social media sites, and viewers are engaged and interacting with the company.

9 Learn from Video Analytics: Sites like Youtube and Vimeo include analytics features which give an overview of where the video was watched, by whom, and how much. All of that information will guide future video marketing and lead to even more successful videos in the future.

Don’t Do it Alone: Starting a video marketing campaign can be a daunting task. Luckily, there are professionals at companies like http://www.broadcast2world.com who want to help make an interesting and successful promotional video. They’re able to create a great video for nearly every budget. Video marketing is a great way to get new and returning customers, and will pay off over time if the video is made and promoted well.


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