Are you having trouble finding a gift for a GIF lover? We are sure that having a limited time left to make up your mind and find a gift is stressful. Why not get him/her something that perfectly describes him/her as a person? You could give a bunch of Omega watches, or you could get that GIF lover something that defines his personality.

We all have probably used a bunch of GIFs before. Sometimes, using GIFs as replies are even a thing. If your friend happens to send GIF replies, we have a couple of gift ideas in mind. You could get him a shirt of a great GIF of a meme. There is no need to panic yet. You could gift your friend a bunch of fun stuff that will surely earn you the “friend of the year award.”

Good friends do not come often, so you better come up with a good gift soon! We’ll classify your friends into some sort of categories to make it easy for you to choose and distinguish.

Gifts For The Sporty GIF Lover

Have you ever had a friend that uses GIFs of professional sports players? Like there is a trend of him using that Kobe Bryant shouting GIF every single chance he can. Well, why not give your friend a Kobe Bryant jersey? The GIF that he uses itself is a good clue for a great gift. Maybe your friend leans toward sports a lot. Basketball can be a great gift.

You can also be playful with your gift. If he really loves basketball, why don’t you get him a bobblehead of his favorite player? Bobbleheads typically don’t cost too much, so you won’t need to worry about breaking the bank. If your friend is overall sporty in nature, a good fitness watch should do the trick.

You basically need to research and feel your friend’s preferences. Take note of the different GIF habits. There are some GIFs that he’ll use with a higher passion. If that Kobe shouting GIF shows passion, take note and grab that opportunity!

For The Movie Lover Who Knows His Movie GIFs

Do you have a friend that always seems to bring up a clip from a movie and send it to you as a GIF? This habit of your friend can also be a telling clue on what you should give for a gift. Maybe this is your friend’s way of telling to get him something about film, art, or basically movies. As a proactive gift finder, you should immediately pounce on this opportunity!

Why not get your friend his own personalized bowl of popcorn? After all, popcorn is a universal snack while watching a movie. Nothing says like ‘best friend ever’ while eating popcorn from the bowl that you gifted him. Planning to spend massive amounts of money? Choose a projector as a gift? This seems a bit overboard but you’ll never know, right?

You can go a lot of ways with this movie-oriented gift. You can go cheap but sentimental with a customized mug. Printing a famous movie quote or line can be a fantastic gift, and I know that I’ll look forward to my morning coffees with that new mug.

For The Fans Of The Food Gifs

You really cannot go wrong with food. I’ve seen food GIFs, and they can be quite stimulating. Have you seen those GIFs of fast food? How about the food GIFs of desserts? These food gifs all have one thing in common: They would make us all crave. The best thing to do here is to pick up on that hint and give him some good food. His tastebuds will thank you for this move.

You can buy something from the store, or you can even personalize the food yourself. You can wrap up a homemade cake with a personalized note on top. You can also go for rare food or something from your friend’s childhood.

There are so many ways to give food as a gift to your GIF lover friend. All you have to do is to pick the best ones and the ones that will make your friend remember and cherish your friendship.


Picking a gift for a GIF lover is not easy. That GIF lover probably scrolls through a lot of GIFs which will confuse you. However, there will be a few GIFs that he’ll use with more passion, and your task is to pick up on that. You will be able to pick out the right and the perfect gift for a GIF lover by picking up on those subtle habits.

You can go for the thing that he’s probably passionate about. If you run out of options, you can go for the safe decision and get him food. It is always a good decision to give someone food, let alone as a gift. But before you take the safe route, make sure you pick up on those clues and ideas that a GIF lover would truly want!


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