The World Wide Web is perhaps the biggest marketplace in the world. And if you have something to sell online then there could not be any place better than this. The best about selling online is that you can sell almost anything online, be it your product, services, or even useless stuff in your home. You can also get a hefty price if you choose the right place to sell your stuff online.

There are millions of sites available to sell your stuff online, and believe me, choosing the best among them can be an risky job for you. But you don’t have to that as we have done it for you, and here in this article we present you “5 Best Sites To Sell Online“.

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EBay is an online market place for buyers and sellers. The best thing about selling online at Ebay is that, it has numerous categories which enables you to sell anything. The site charges an insertion fee to list your item (less than 50 cents) and a final value fee where they take a percentage of the price for which you sold the item. You can sell your items on eBay one time or many; you can open your sale as an auction format or allow buyers to “Buy it Now;” you can also open an eBay online store and keep regular items listed there at an additional fee.


Although Craiglist is quite popular, but it can be used only if you want to sell online occasionally. You can list your item Craiglist for free, but you will have to arrange for the buyer to come to your home and pick it up. So it is not an ideal site for setting up online store. But if you are an occasional online seller, then it is an ideal place as it is absolutely free.

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eBid is fast gaining popularity and is now being seen as best alternative to eBay. Right now this service is available in 21 countries including India. Now it has also collaborated with Google Checkout (Online money transfer service by Google) and Google Shopping (online marketplace by Google).  So it is really giving eBay a run for its money. One of the advantage eBid has over eBay is that it doesn’t charge anything for listing your product.


BlueJay is most popular site to sell your stuff online as it doesn’t charge anything and more over it submits all your listings to Google Shopping too. It’s well designed and very user-friendly, coming complete with free online stores for all sellers.


eCrater is similar to BlueJay, i.e it is also 100% free and also submits your listings to Google Shopping. But it scores a bit low when it comes to user interface and usability as compared to BlueJay.


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