So you’re in that place again: searching for a job. The first thing to do is update your resume and cover letter. Then it’s time to hit the streets — or the web, that is.

Looking for a job these days consists of constantly tapping into the system. Whether it revolves around putting in applications, making follow-up calls, or even the interview process, there’s no time to waste. The competition is fierce.

It’s a good thing there are apps for your smartphone that make searching for a job much easier. Below are eight notable apps for your job search.


This free app lists both full- and part-time job positions. The search engine on this site allows you to search within a certain radius of your home for jobs that would suit you.

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Job Search Engine by

This free search engine provides access to job openings listed only on the employer’s website. This gives you the opportunity to find jobs that aren’t publicized anywhere else on the web.

What Color Is Your Parachute? (Job Interview tool)

This app lays out information on how to nail an interview. The program offers advice on how to dress, how to speak, and how to present your portfolio for serious consideration. These tips were created by Richard Bolles, author of bestselling guide of the same name, What Color Is Your Parachute?.

Facebook for iPhone

Yes, the most popular social media site is also a great place for finding a job. Use the Facebook app to post your qualifications, check out all job pages, and keep in touch with various updates and statuses. Facebook is a virtual stew of information and there’s a constant flow of opportunities.

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This app has all the amenities of a social site with the addition of open job search capabilities. When you fill out the profile, the LinkedIn system automatically does a search for classified job ads that fit your qualifications. This app is a multi-purpose job tool that works wonders.

Pocket Resume

This app empowers you to make and send your resume right from your smartphone. You not longer have to wait to snag that job.

Interview prep questions

This awesome app uses flashcards with every possible question that might be asked at an interview. The app also provides the best possible answers in many different job situations.

Snap Dat digital business cards

This app designs and sends an unlimited number of business cards to prospective employers. Both the design and delivery of each card is free of charge, just like the app.

It’s worth repeating that each one of these smartphone apps is free. To maximize your chances of getting a great job, turn to these apps to get an edge over the competition.


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