his is in my opinion, but I feel the category of made people that build custom homes is. In fact, around me, once I build a custom-built house and appearance at people, it’s an equivalent, and many of us do our jobs. this is often a phenomenon because it costs tons to create a custom-built house.

I lived in a single dwelling like once I was born, but the opposite day, the outside wall is demoriogoite, so I’m repainting the outside wall. Originally, it had been a mediocre gray color with no special features, but it’s been replaced with a color like mosstone, which my mother wanted.

I personally do not feel that dirty when it’s gray, so once I heard it again, I wasn’t curious about it, but it had been good again. it had been sort of a new house. I feel it is a petite homdo called an exterior mural.
a mixture lottery for the ultimate qualifying round for the London Olympics in Asia was held in Malaysia on the 7th, and Japan was in Group C, an equivalent as Bahrain, Syria, and Malaysia.

Director Takashi Sekizuka said that each one of them is an important battle when considering the acquisition of participation rights, and commented that he would really like to enhance both as a private and as a team.

“It’s a robust player regardless of what country you play against. it is a good simulation that Bahrain, which was within the same group, visited on an expedition in February of this year. The impression may be a vertically fast team just like the Middle East. It’s different from now, so I would like to fight with my heart. “

” Two countries within the Middle East, including Syria, have entered, so it’s necessary to believe countermeasures again within the long battle. Malaysia may be a hot and humid country. Frontline There are players who have speed in Syria, so we’ve to believe countermeasures. “

” When considering passing the first place, all are important battles. I would like to continuously improve the extent both individually and as a team. “

summer high school baseball regional tournament was persisted the 7th, with six games within the first and second rounds within the Kagoshima area.
Kagoshima Minoru, the highest candidate for the championship, defeated Tsurumaru 5-0 and advanced to the third round. additionally, Kagoshima Minami, who features a good pitcher Fueda, defeated Amami 6-0 within the first round and advanced to the second round.

The British Grand Prix this weekend might be a turning point for the 2011 season. FIA severely restricts the utilization of exhaust blowing. For Red Bull, which had tons of downforce from the diffuser, the choice “will have a big impact,” admits Red Bull chief designer Adrian Newey.

“Because it’s a machine designed around the exhaust, it’ll have a significant impact. Most of them, except Renault and us, are making machines that imitate some team, so most of them have an impression. would “receive a

but” it’s difficult to predict, as far as I can see, one among the McLaren and Ferrari rival, Ferrari since not been ready to deal with around exhaust, there I’d be willing, “said Newsweek says.

J2 Shonan announced on the 7th that forward Yuki Maki had surgery on the 6th thanks to dislocation of his left ankle. Expected to be completely cured for 3 months. He was injured within the match against Tochigi on June 12.

The Japan Football Association announced on the 7th that the U22 Japan national team, who is aiming for the London Olympics, has decided to play against the U22 Egypt national team within the international friendly match scheduled for August 10 at the Sapporo Dome. Scheduled to start at 4 pm. On the day of the event, the Japanese national team also will play against the Korean national team from 7:30 pm at an equivalent venue.

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On July 23rd and 24th, Fuji Speedway is going to be on the ultimate day of the second round of the Super Endurance Series “SUPER TEC”. On the 24th, we’ll hold a photography class for amateur photographers. Participants can shoot the ultimate race from the side of the course where the press enters.

The shooting class may be a collaboration project with Tokyo Chunichi Sports, and therefore the best shots selected by the participants themselves are going to be posted in the Tokyo Chunichi Sports newspaper.

Participants are amateurs (limited to twenty people) who are 18 years aged or older and who own a single-lens camera of 200 mm or more in theory. additionally to the essential course, during the 4-hour final race, under the guidance of the Japan Racing Pigeon Association (JRPA) members, the primary corner, Dunlop corner, and Prius corner, which are normally not accessible, are on the side of every course. I’m getting to shoot at.

In addition, on the day of the event, with the cooperation of Nikon and Nikon Imaging Japan, the staff will provide services like a consultation on camera equipment and equipment cleaning.

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