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AOC Memes that are Trending on Twitter

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is the youngest U.S Representative for New York’s 14th Congressional District. She is a representative of the Democrats from the 14th district and has been successful in defeating the Republicans to establish her position as a Democrat representative. Her social media presence is more commendable than her fellow congressmen and has successfully led her to greater popularity and victory.

The AOC effect is real because Alexandria has been successful in urging a wave of progressive candidates to lead movements against unjust rules. Her voice is heard and acknowledged by all.

The AOC effect is so real, that several memes have surfaced on the internet related to this.

This is popularly termed as the gabagool meme surrounding Alexandria’s speech at the congress meet. Gabagool is a meat that is fatty, smoked cold cut, and can be lightly spiced. This AOC gif is indicating how fresh and precise her movement is

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s memes are getting more and more innovative every day. This one is a funny implication of her seriousness regarding success and money-making.

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Funny AOC memes like these are all over twitter. This meme indicates Alexandria’s deep thinking dynamic and the results of it are well… never mind.

So, this meme is a shady roast for Alexandria’s work where her ideas are termed as stupid because she is only 29 and is suggesting the US government on how to run the economy.

This AOC Italian meme has her making an Italian gesture with her right hand while stating a fresh fact. Hence the gabagool translation.

These are some of the best AOC memes that are currently trending on twitter. These are also being used as stickers and gifs for conversations on various social media platforms.

No offense to Alexandria, but these are hilarious!

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