COVID-19 pandemic shook the whole world. Many areas of living got affected following the outbreak of the virus. Adapting to the new normal was hard for many people and businesses. The schooling system is one among many that faced the wrath of it. Unable to visit schools, students and teachers were forced to change the studying format to the online one. As both sides do not have such an experience, it affected the quality of knowledge students receive. Which caused the need to improve some areas of knowledge by students themselves. Here are some of the homeschooling resources for the year 2021.

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Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is a non-profit educational org in America that got created to provide multiple tools online to assist in educating students. The organization offers short lessons in video formats. Educators can also access the material on the platform’s website, and there are no charges whatsoever.

Before getting to work with the platform, you will have to know it in detail. The videos get illuminated in drawings that get placed on an electric board. Students can listen to the narrator as they describe the picture and its relationship to the subject. In case you have a language barrier, you can have it translated as there are as many as 20 000 translations in the subtitle.


It is a mobile application that supports language learning and language proficiency. The website or application is all free, but there exists a premium version that is also free. The platform offers close to 98 language courses clustered in 38 languages. There are about 300 million subscribers on the application, which is a considerable number.

To study, you can opt to read sentences, makeup phrases, matching them with the images, and get feedback on your pronunciation. The grammar is simple, and the translation method is quite fair too. The platform utilizes simple words instead of complex ones for easy understanding.


Edx is a non-profit organization developed by Harvard and MIT. There are many online university courses offered on the platform. Close to 150 institutions have shown interest in providing their studies on the forum. The service houses over 6000 trained educators.

The programs get weekly based that get shown on video and offer interactive and educative exercises. Right off the bat, students can familiarize themselves with the concepts shown in the videos. You can also find tutorials for those who have problems understanding the content.


It is definitely among the best when it comes to assisting in the field of education. It consists of a collection of educational sites that provides animated movies for students. The platform has over 1000 movies that students can utilize in between 6 and 17. There are different movies available, and one can get to choose according to their interests or preference. The subjects covered include English, art, social science, engineering and technology, and health. 25% of schools in the United States utilize the platform.

BBC Bitesize

The application provides an array of resources for school going students of all ages. It houses all the students’ subjects, and they are compact in small chunks that can get easily understood. The material available, including the videos, follows the national curriculum, which boosts the parent’s confidence in the material. Once the kids go through the content, they can rock their best of knowledge by taking an interactive quiz to boost their memory. The resources can assist the kids in preparing for the coming examinations while revising from the content provided.


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