Blog BluePrint review – once again, I only mention products on this site that I have used and or continue to use. I would not urge anyone who is a reader of this blog to invest in a product unless I have trialed it myself, hence my write-up here about BB software.

What Blog Blueprint does is to enhance the rankings of a web page – or a whole website, depending on what you need. The way to do this is by submitting short 100+ word snippets to their database. Upon approval, which usually occurs within 24 hours at most, the posts are then published to various blogs and websites that are owned by the people behind the product.

Apparently all those blogs and sites have a PR between 2 and 5, although I’ve heard a few of those who use the product say that this is not entirely the case – at times their posts are being listed on PR n/a sites. Thus its the Page Rank juice which is conferred to our posts, which then feeds through our backlink.

The idea is to insert a single link with your chosen keywords within the link, inside the 100+ word post. If you use a good article spinner such as The Best Spinner (links to my review and price discount), then the creation of hundreds of these snippets is so easy its almost unbelievable!

One limiting factor is that you are only allowed to submit 20 posts per day. This literally means that if you have a number of sites or a few large sites that require a lot of backlinking to their inner pages, then I’m afraid you will be thoroughly limited and thus no doubt somewhat frustrated. However, the benefit of this is that the backlinks will be drip fed – its not possible to go mad with backlinking if using Blog Blueprint alone.

BLOG BLUEPRINT Review | Blog Blueprint Money Off!
BLOG BLUEPRINT Review | Blog Blueprint Money Off!

What about my results?

There is no doubt in my mind that Blog Blueprint had a very nicely beneficial effect upon my sites.

I should mention however that purposely I chose keywords that were not too tricky to rank highly for. Some of the older sites I used Blog Blueprint for were more difficult. The newer sites tended to be relatively easy to medium difficult – most of the keywords I was targeting receive around 2 thousand to 15 thousand searches a month according to Google stats.

However, most of my sites (pages) that I began targeting with Blog Blueprint were beginning to lose their places in Google. Most were top 10 early on but were beginning to slide. After using Blog Blueprint for just a couple of weeks, almost all the pages went back to top 10, and furthermore many of them went top 5 with a few being first or second rankings.

Its good – very good! For all the effort that is required in writing out the snippets, inserting relevant keywords into each post and then posting them for approval and publication (not much effort at all, really), this tool does very well with regards performance!

Worth it? Yes! A great investment for anyone who is undertaking SEO on their own sites or other people’s!

How much? $57 US per month. (I have to pay $68.40 per month due to the dumb UK tax rules!). But if you take the product via my link above, then I will offer you a $15 refund for every month you use it. All you need to do is to send me your purchase receipt for me to issue you with a monthly refund.

Because this is a Clickbank product and because Clickbank offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, please only send me your receipt of purchase once the 2 month period is up and I will happily reimburse you the $15.

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