How to Calculate The Right Amount of CBD Dosage for Dogs?

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Over the last 3 weeks, Mrs. Mourice was worried about her dog’s deteriorating health. Despite all her attempts, her dog was unable to cope up with its chronic arthritis. Determined to save her dog, Mrs. Mourice browsed through pet care literature in the hope to find the solution. It was during this research that she stumbled upon the healing benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) compounds for dogs. 

Finding the CBD success stories, she decided to try this organic compound for her dog. However, owing to her limited knowledge, she found it difficult to calculate the right amount of CBD dosage. Seeking an online CBD dosage guidance, she came across credible pet care sites like that provided her with an online dosage calculator. And she found it really helpful.

Perhaps, her hard work paid off as the right amount of cannabidiol dosage gradually started boosting her dog’s immune system which culminated in the reduced joint inflammation. As a result, the miraculous properties of CBD saved Mrs. Maurice’s dog from chronic muscle pain. The story turned out to be a good learning point for her with obviously a happy ending!

However, not every pet owner is as lucky as Mrs. Mourice. There have been several instances wherein the pet owner’s miscalculation of this drug dosage has proved detrimental for their dog’s health. Nothing is as sad as this.

Therefore, in an attempt to avoid such unfortunate instances, this article offers comprehensive CBD dosage guidelines which will help you to calculate the right amount of CBD dosage that you should give to your dog. But before that, let’s have a look at some factors that play a pivotal role in dose determination.

Body Weight:  A pet’s body weight is used as a standard measure to calculate the right cannabidiol dosage. When it comes to canines, often veterinary doctors adhere to the basic rule of 1-5mg of cannabidiol to 10 pounds of pet’s body weight. Alternatively, you can visit this article to get more insights on CBD treatment for canines.

Canine’s Breed:

Dose Types: If your dog is suffering from chronic health issues like major joint inflammation, cancer-related disorders, or severe anxiety then it is advisable to opt for a strong cannabidiol dose under medical supervision.

Similarly, if your pet needs to be treated for minor health problems like minor skin disorders, moderate arthritis, or minor digestive issues, then you can administer a regular dose to your paw friend. Consult a doctor in case you find it difficult to determine.

Health Issue: Health issue is one of the key factors that must take under consideration while deciding the dose. If your dog has gone through a treatment recently or has some prevailing health issues, it is best to consult the vet before deciding on the dose. While for a healthy dog this may not be an issue but if your pooch has health problems even a little bit of carelessness in dose can cause a huge problem. So, consider this point ardently.

Dose Frequency: The frequency of the dose also determines what is the right amount of CBD dosage for your dogs. If you are too frequent with it, try to keep the amount less however if the frequency is not that much, a considerable amount of CBD would not be harmful. However, again it is best to consult the doctor instead of opting for self-medication.

Age factor: It is important to keep the age of your dog in mind before going ahead with the dose. If your furry friend is too aged, it may not be a good idea at all. But if your dog is relatively young, you can go ahead and experiment a little with the amount of CBD. So, yes age factor is one of the critical aspects to be considered.

While CBD is a boon to the dog owner, one must be a little careful regarding the dose. As stated above, there are a number of factors that influence the decision however in case of confusion taking the help of an expert does no harm. A doctor can guide you better than the internet will ever. Go ahead, try your hand on this life-saving elixir for your dog!


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