As per the famous saying “First Impression is the last Impression”. So when we talk about social media especially Instagram, where people generally follow each other as they get attracted to the Bio’s mentioned by them. As apart from the profile picture in Instagram a person can get to know a stranger is through his/her Bio being mention in the profile. And it is an important part of the profile as it does not contain the section of “About yourself”. A person has to get his account attractive to the followers in just a few words or sentences which would help in increasing the number of followers.

Generally, Instagram Bio should be unique, creative and should well describe the personality of the person. It is not necessary to have Cool Bio for Instagram you can also have Funny Instagram Bio, Cute Instagram Bio and one can also describe themselves with the help of unique Quotes. In this article, we would come across some Cool Bio for Instagram that would help you to elevate your Instagram account and make strangers get a glim of your cool personality.

Cool Bios are used at its best for the young generation so that they can make a cutout edge impression on their boyfriend/ girlfriend or maybe others they have a crush on by in simple lines or words explaining them about their lookout or personality. And if you face difficulty in thinking of some cool, creative ideas for Bio. Here are some examples mentioned below which will definitely help you out:

Swag Bio for Instagram

Cool Bio For Instagram

  1. Just a cupcake in search of a stud muffin
  2. Why search for stars in the dark sky when the superstar is here
  3. Eat… Beach… Sleep…. Repeat
  4. Everything in life is a metaphor
  5. Born to express not to impress
  6. How fake it’s when everyone says they really miss you, but do not make any extra effort to meet you
  7. Relationship Status – Heartbroken by Snapchat, Engaged with Instagram and Crush on Netflix
  8. As being Single, it’s easy for me to be always there when I need myself
  9. Being a Vampire in real life is the coolest monster
  10. Life is all about an art of drawing without an eraser
  11. Society is no comfort to the one not being sociable
  12. It’s sometimes good to react to situations with no reaction
  13. Why is it that Monday is so far from Friday and Friday is near to Monday?
  14. Life is short… Smile and show your teeth
  15. No rains so…no flowers
  16. Everyone is a stranger here
  17. Love does not need to be perfect but it needs to be exciting
  18. If you have good Instinct than do connect
  19. Your account is too heavy to handle me
  20. Flaunt your life to its best

I hope the above mentioned Swag Instagram bios will definitely help you to get an idea and create your personalized distinguished bio for your exclusive social media account. Along with your idea, you can also add on emoji to the bios that would add your humor to it. The best way to craft a bio is to focus on oneself and ask questions on your personality and then summing it up to a minimum of 80-100 words. You need to keep your bio direct, crisp and sparkly. This will not only help you to increase your followers but will also leave a direct impact on the follower regarding your social and behavioral aspect.


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