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The most important thing on any website is content. The layout, color scheme, and platform are all fun details to play with further into the creative process. But there’s no need to go crazy in the details just yet.

Focus more on what the overall purpose of the website will be. Are you selling something? Are you saying something? Do you simply want to post photos of your cat drinking rice milk from her automatic feeder every Sunday? What is it that you’d like to do exactly?

Once that’s settled, move on to finding a site that lets you create your new domain with ease. Find a blog site preferably, where the options are plentiful and the settings easy to navigate. I suggest going with NameCheap, GoDaddy, WordPress, or Weebly. There are plenty of others. Go on, do the legwork and find what works best for you.


After choosing a site to purchase from, take a few minutes to browse similar sites to get ideas. Do not, I repeat, do not create the carbon copy of those blogs. That’s theft. Instead, look for small details like where to place social media icons, where the advertising is placed, and things of that nature. Below are some tips we got from a Chicago Web Design company.

What’s your site called?

It’s important to choose something that’s catchy, inoffensive, and relative to the content. Unless of course, your goal is to completely confuse your viewers and have them go to www.happyface.com only to view vulgar clown memes. In which case, it’s totally fine to go against the grain.

What’s your site called
What’s your site called

If for instance, you do want to use my brilliant rice milk idea try something like “thirsty kitten” or “milked”. I think I’ll stop there. it seems to be the wrong direction. But you get the point. I hope.

Things to Consider

Choose a color scheme that caters to consumers. Think McDonald’s, reds, and yellows are among the top colors used to attract consumers. Try not to go too dark or too bright.

Be considerate of volume if you’re planning to add music. Also, provide the option to mute it in case the viewer is already listening to their own soundtrack.

Be aware of the font and image sizes and placement. Make sure that everything is readable and viewable. There’s no need to make things too big. If the viewer has eyesight problems they’re probably already wearing glasses. Likewise, make sure the font and photos aren’t too small.

Protect yourself. The overall goal is high volume and the higher that volume the better the chances for your content to be stolen. Copyright what needs to be copyrighted and take advantage of social media with ease.

Again, take full advantage of social media!

Hire a web designer, shell out a few thousand, and pay off your debt while Sarah, a 4th grader in New Jersey, makes a quarter-million-dollar profit from the glitter socks she sells on the website she created for free during recess.

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