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Top Duolingo Memes trending on Twitter


Have you ever come across the popular meme showing an owl with a gun or a bird chasing a person? It is from a popular online language learning app called duolingo.

The catch here is that unlike other online language learning apps, the duolingo app has a specific way to compel its users to make sure they don’t miss any classes or language learning lessons.

This is through a creepy animated owl which threatens to kill you and your family or claims to be watching you throughout until you have completed your pending lessons.

From this popular check, duolingo memes have evolved which is mostly centered around this threatening owl.

Here are some popular duolingo memes which have taken twitter and the internet by storm.

This is how serious it gets when you miss a language lesson. The owl sends you a warning and you are spooked into believing that some negative spell is cast upon you. This is a perfect example of how the cute green duolingo owl can persuade you into not missing a single lesson once you have signed in for a language lesson.

Be sure not to miss your lessons by any chance, because the duolingo bird with a gun will conjure up in your inbox.The seriousness of completing your lessons is depicted with this duolingo bird meme.

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Looks like this owl takes its job too seriously by sliding into your inbox every now and then to leave aggressive notifications if you have missed a Spanish lesson. These threats are beguiling and have driven users to either uninstall the app or to attend all their lessons.


This is a spanish concaughted meme which depicts how serious the messages get in case you have skipped your spanish lesson for the day.

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So, before you sign up for learning a dialect on duolingo, search on how to say owl in spanish because it looks like pleasing this owl will require you to learn more spanish than necessary.

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