One of the most frustrating things about owning a Duramax is when it becomes fuel necked. It will start to run rough and lose power, and eventually you’ll need to replace your head studs. If you’re lucky enough to have an aftermarket tuner installed on your truck, then this problem might be alleviated by installing Duramax Head Studs (DHS). These studs are designed for more torque than OEM studs, which means that they can handle higher cylinder pressures at lower RPM’s. Duramax Head Studs are made of heat-treated 8740 alloy steel, which is 57% stronger and more durable than OEM studs. This means that Duramax Head Studs will last a lot longer with less wear on the threads. The DHS design also alleviates nitrous fuel pressure by giving it somewhere to go when they’re installed correctly.

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Duramax head studs can help prevent becoming fuel necked if you have an aftermarket tuner installed in your truck and need something strong enough to handle higher cylinder pressures at lower RPM’s. Like most other products out there these days, Duramax head studs are going to be significantly cheaper than buying them from GM or Ford.

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If you are running a nitrous system and want to prevent becoming fuel necked, Duramax head studs will do the job. They will also help with cylinder pressure at lower RPM’s because they are 57% stronger than OEM studs. Duramax Head Studs can be installed from GM or Ford as well if needed but it is going to cost significantly more money.

Number three:

Duramax head stud kits come complete with all hardware and instructions necessary for installation on any 350-series truck engine that has been modified using an aftermarket tuner like SCT, HP Tuners, DiabloSport etc. This includes factory style exhaust manifolds in stock trucks without any modification.

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Duramax head stud kits are available as singles, pairs and sets of six for those who want to replace all of the head bolts in a Duramax engine block when they change out the heads or intake manifold on their truck. They also come with enough hardware so that you can reuse your original GM/Ford OEM nuts if you have them from previous work done before installing Duramax Head Studs. If not, there is always an appropriate sized bolt included in every kit which will save time by preventing trips to the local hardware store to find one specific size nut among dozens of others.

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The head bolts themselves are made from ARP 2000-series alloy steel which has been proven to provide superior wear resistance while being heat treated for optimum strength, and they are also coated with a black oxide finish to prevent corrosion.

Number six:

Duramax Head Studs provide an alternative for solving fuel necking that doesn’t require you to remove your intake manifold or disassemble the engine block in order to install them like some other methods do.

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Duramax Head Studs can be installed with a wrench, socket and ratchet on most any engine without disturbing the intake manifold or cylinder head.

Number eight:

If you are someone who has been contemplating rebuilding your Duramax as it approaches 300k miles, then installing Duramax Head Studs is something that should be done to prevent potential fuel necking issues down the road.

This blog post talks about what duramax head studs are and how they work. The author also describes some of their benefits such as not having to remove your intake manifold in order to install them like other methods require. They conclude by saying if you want to avoid future risk for developing a fuel necked issue, duramax head studs are a good investment.

Duramax Head Studs can be installed with a wrench, socket and ratchet on most any engine without disturbing the intake manifold or cylinder head. Duramax Head Studs will make sure that your piston rings seal properly against the combustion chamber walls while also preventing carbon buildup in these areas from occurring. This ensures that you have an even compression ratio across all cylinders which increases overall performance for more power at the same time as saving fuel consumption because of improved efficiency over other methods like metal-to-metal contact replacement. The installation process is not difficult to complete but does require patience due to having to remove some parts such as intake manifolds so they can be reinstalled after the Duramax Head Studs have been installed.

Duramax Head studs are usually the last resort in an engine rebuild but they can also be used as a preventative measure to avoid head gasket failure which leads to more expensive repairs such as cylinder and crankshaft replacements.

Duramax Head studs will help you achieve your goals of achieving higher performance while maintaining fuel efficiency which is why many people who tow or haul heavy loads use these products on their vehicles for peace of mind when it comes to being able to get from point A to B without worrying about overheating, knocking or other issues that may arise due to insufficient compression ratios caused by carbon buildup around piston rings.


Duramax Head Studs (DHS) are a great way to alleviate the fuel necked engine problem that can happen in your truck. If you’re not sure about what we mean by “fuel neck,” then take a look at this video from our YouTube Channel of us removing and installing DHS studs on an older GMC Sierra. You’ll be happy with how much power it adds!


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