Effective Use of Keywords in Content Marketing.

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I recently had a stimulating discussion with Ron Jones, who is writing a book on using keywords specifically for online marketing called “Keyword Intelligence.” He was doing research for the content marketing part of the book and we talked about where keywords fit in. This type of discussion is great for blog posts, so here are some ideas for you on keywords, SEO, social media, and content.

Content marketing is customer-focused and thus often focused on making prospects and customers aware not only of product/service features and benefits, but also of topics of interest relevant to those circumstances. is what makes people want or want those products and services

Effective content marketing informs potential buyers what they need to understand to help them reach a logical conclusion about making a purchase and recommend it. Relevant and interesting content facilitates that result.

“Great content isn’t good until it’s discovered and shared.”

Understanding the knowledge needs of the buyers you’re trying to succeed in is an excellent editorial planning initiative. Keywords play a role during a content marketing program as an expression of knowing what interests customers and what their pain points are. What are they looking for?

What are they talking about on the social web

Great content is best optimized, so to speak, for the reader first and foremost. Plus, the content is thoughtful about keywords that will attract new readers through search and social recommendations. Great content is amazing. Great content that is discoverable and shareable is even better.

Here’s an example scenario: Company 1 2 3 Wants to specialize in “Round Widgets”

Target customers care about round widgets that cost less and are environmentally safe Target customers look for “Round Widget”, “Low Cost Widget”, “Green Widget”, “Environmentally Safe Widget”. Target customers discuss “Widget Effects on Environment”, “Save Money on Widgets” on Social.
Content plan outlines an array of content items supporting search keywords and social themes Content Planning Strategic Execution: Blog Hub, Video Tips, Shared Customer Widget Photos, Widget Facebook Page for Environmental Tips, Email Tips & Issues Newsletter, Widget Deals Twitter Account, Guest Blog Posts Widget Blog, Targeted Articles Widget for Consumer and Environmental Contribution Cost Saving Tips and Publications When Using the “Green” Keyword
Coordinating customer needs with content creation, optimization and social publishing is one way to gain more relevant access to investments.

Keyword guide to content optimization through search engines, as well as focusing on topics that care about customers and are being discussed on the social web. Keywords are also useful guides for blogger and publishing outreach.

Keywords drive content marketers’ “optimization and socialization” efforts to share, promote and increase the reach of data that is relevant to patrons purchasing or referring branded products and services.

Online marketers often make the mistake of only going ahead with keywords (versus customer need), thinking that optimization is necessary for the most popular phrases to maximize customer reach. High ranking content that doesn’t resonate with readers to share or buy and refer to customers is not an efficient approach. Also, customers’ information needs will vary with where they are in the research and purchase process.

Keywords and topics change over time, so even after customers are acquired, it’s important to find, measure, and refine as needed.

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