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Effects of emotions on winning money and its long term effects

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Most people have got a perception that winning a lottery or huge prize money in a gambling game can make you happy. The winner’s mind gets filled with joy and excitement as he starts feeling that he has won huge money in Trump it casino and captured the entire world. The happiness will definitely last longer as the entire world will fall on his feet for the time being. After all, who does not want extra cash in his or her bank account? Running after fast cash and gold rush has always been a phenomenon of mankind since ages.

The basic purpose of going after casinos is to earn fast cash. With money always comes some materialistic pleasure which a human mind cannot ignore. The biggest pleasure which comes in the minds of those persons after winning huge money is that finally, both ends of life will meet at every month. The life of daily struggle comes to an end. And it can be easily obtained by betting at Trump it casino. At that instance, it might seem that it would now be possible for you to get anything that you wished for.

Good enough, but for how long?

But the question is for how long the gold is going to glitter? Have you ever thought how long can it make you happy for? The happiness may continue if you continue winning, even in small amounts in betting at the casinos. So, do not stop trying your luck at the casinos even if you have won a big jackpot. As long as the winning continues, your happiness will continue for long.

Actually, happiness refers to the day to day feelings of the individuals. According to the research results, happiness is hard to affect when compared to satisfaction. Researchers have considered 3,362 winners of lotteries from 5 to 22 years of age whose total gains were around $277 million. Through a properly made questionnaire, they tried to collect information to measure their happiness, satisfaction with personal finance, mental health etc.

Though they have hypothesized that people who have got large prize money would be the happiest and might have had improved mental health. But this wasn’t true in this case. Though they enjoy a great improvement in the economic conditions for a decade, the long-term impacts have to be considered. Most of the winners have been found to invest a part of their wealth in several financial assets.

The study was mainly conducted to know the effects of receiving huge amounts at a time in gambling versus the monthly installments. Though the study has proved that there can be a lasting psychological benefit for those who won a huge sum of payment if not happiness, you would get life satisfaction. According to the financial planners, it is always better to get annuity i.e. if you get some amount annually throughout the year that would be the best option rather than getting lump sum amount at a time as there are high chances that you might misuse or make mistakes.

Your happiness depends on how you earn your money

There are several modes and ways of earning money whether it is through hard work, luck or combined with both luck and hard work, or any other illegal way of earning. The first and most important aspect is how you have earned the money rather than how much you own. This actually matters especially if you have earned your own money and wealth. It is actually the earned income which would give the satisfaction throughout the life rather than the inherited money from your parents, mom/dad or through your ancestral property. Though it might help you to lead a happy life you might not be as satisfied as in the case where you have earned your living. Earning your own wealth actually matters a lot irrespective of the standard of living of an individual.

Happiness comes from how you spend the money

Another important aspect which might affect your happiness is the way you spend your money that you own. Some people might wish to spend their money buying some materials or goods which they might be in need of while some might like to spend their money in making amazing experiences for a lifetime. Nothing is better than easy money which comes from betting and gambling.

Though money is not everything and, in some situations, you might not be able to buy anything or everything through money. Most of the common people who don’t have money would think that the best way to lead a life the way they wished for is through the acquisition of more and more money. But in reality, wealth doesn’t promise to provide you with all the materials or goods which would actually help you build your desired identity. As such you might not be able to obtain the actual fulfillment in this process.

When the scientists have checked with the people about how do they feel about their standard of living, they said that they want to do what they like every day, wish to have a role that would perfectly suit them with the use of the strengths which they have and to be treated with due respect. These are the things which would actually make you happy from within. It is an amazing experience to earn money that would boost your self-confidence as well.

You should know that happiness cannot always be bought in return for money nor it would come from the calculations which you make over the spreadsheet. So, people who have earned their living and money on their own are much happier in their life as the satisfaction which they have cannot be compared with those who have got the wealth without working for it and through their parents. In order to enjoy the fruits of what you have, it’s important to know the value and how hard it would be to get it. Happiness is always interlinked to how you earn your income and the way you would spend it.

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