Evkur Installment Payment and Debt Inquiry method

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Evkur installment payment is actually one of the transactions that you can easily do, including over the internet. Promissory note payments, which were previously made only by going to Evkur stores, can now be made easily through mobile applications and websites. 

Especially by choosing the Evkur website; You can pay with your credit or debit card. Thanks to Hal bank and Yapı Kredi Evkur Debt Payment, which is one of the other payment options, you can make transactions through your bank just like you would transfer money. Information on how to do these operations is in the rest of our article.

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How to Make Evkur Installment Payment?

Millions of people shop at Evkur, which has a variety of different products in its stores and offers them for sale. At Evkur, which offers the opportunity to pay for high-priced products with installment options, you can pay your debt with a credit card on the Evkur debt payment page for your purchases from stores. 

In Evkur, where you can shop both online and in stores; There is also a free delivery option for your online shopping. 

Evkur offers its customers reliable shopping with the deliveries completed without any problems. To make your installment payments online, you can make a payment by entering here;

How is Evkur Debt Payment Processed?

There are various methods for making the Evkur installment payment. If you have Yapı Kredi or Halkbank internet banking, you can easily do it from there. You can pay at the store by going to the Evkur branch. 

You can also make your payment from the payment screen by logging into the Evkur website. You can pay with Yapı Kredi and Halkbank options on the Evkur payment screen if you have an account in these banks. For the evkur bond debt payment process:

  • Evkur Official Installment Payment Page:

First, log in to Evkur’s website and write your TR ID number in the section that appears on the screen. Then confirm your security code and click “Continue”.
Select the invoice you want to pay and continue from the invoice selection screen. After making sure that you have entered your credit card information completely in the “Payment Information” section, click the “Continue” button to continue. 

After checking your information, click the ” Confirmation button and enter the confirmation code that comes to your phone number in the password entry section on the screen that appears. All transactions are just that!

As soon as your payment is complete, the screen ThanksDo not log out until you see Your Payment Has Been Taken”. When the letter arrives, you will have successfully completed your payment process.

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