Years before you were conceived, your super-ambitious parents decided your destiny was to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, or Sundar Pichai, if not, then at least a simple graduation from Oxford or Harvard would have kept their heart from breaking, even a degree in medicine or engineering Exams Results from the best college in the country could have served as a consolation for the duo.

But fate conspired against them and you were born! So, every time results were out, your parents gazed at the horizon in disbelief, thinking how Sharma Ji’s son could ever beat their genius DNA?! During your schooling years, their ever-enthusiastic approach had convinced the entire society that you were some kind of a math or science genius, and just due to your lack of belief in your own caliber, you flunked every time in the subject. The following Exam result meme probably describes your face the best during your school and college year.

But maybe you are an Einstein of your own kind and your parents haven’t realized it yet. Why else would you set yourself up on the monumental task of completing one year’s syllabus in a single day, a situation which only the divinely-gifted or the divinity itself can remedy?

Now that your gifted-mind, together with your best-friend showed you a poker-face in the examination hall, you thought it better to ink the paper with the lyrics of your favorite song, than leaving it blank, and only the thought of facing a legal issue kept you from writing a threat-note at the end of the sheet.

Exams Results
Exams Results

You had given up the idea of studying arts or fashion designing long back as your foreteller-parents could clearly visualize you doing epoch-making activities with the subject they chose for you. Now that your parent’s perception of the future has paid off, you have ultimately degenerated in their eyes from the ‘would-be-Zuckerberg’ to the ‘could-have-been-Zuckerberg’.

To make things worse, your cousin, cousin’s cousin, your gatekeeper’s son, your driver’s daughter, examinees from mars and other planets have scorecards that look better than yours. And you should probably get busy cooking up an excuse that would refrain your parents from throwing you out of the house.

However, now that the painstaking and meaningless process of reading and scribbling to get ‘’a scorecard that can’t decide your future’’ is over, selling hot-dogs to make a living doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea after all. No?

But one thing remains, it doesn’t matter if you are a CEO or a street vendor, all that really hold meaning is whether you are happy with your life or not. So, put on those cool shades and rock the party called life, because YOLO- you truly live life only once!

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