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Funny Tinder Bios That Will Make You Swipe Right


funny tinder bios

Creating catchy tinder bios is all about turning a lot of heads while they are swiping through the Tinder app. They will only have a few seconds before they swipe on to the next.

Online dating apps are a billion dollar industry and most relationships are initiated here.

So you need to make it as engaging as it can get. A good idea is to always create funny tinder bios or weird tinder profiles to attract people.

Here are a few ideas about funny tinder profiles which you must look up:-

I feel as out of place in tinder as nuns in a brothel. They still do it- What a great way to describe your thoughts about the app while acting funny. It will definitely get weird girls drooling over you.

I take hot showers because it won’t be a surprise when I land in hell- Now that’s definitely a way to play it dirty and funny.

Threesome? No thanks. If i wanted to disappoint two people in the same room, I would just have dinner with my parents.

I’m out here because I am trying to date your mom. Hit me up.

These were examples of some of the funny tinder bios men which you can switch up and use to your advantage.

If being funny does not define you, why not try and be witty? That will definitely attract the brainer audience

So here are a few witty tinder bios men and witty tinder bios women which you need to hear out :-

These are some of the best tinder bio ideas which will get your viewers swiping right on your profile.

The best platform to access this is the best tinder bios reddit. The reddit platform has an abundance of witty, sarcastic as well as funny bios which you cannot simply skip by. You just need to know your audience and make sure their mentality is similar to yours.

How to message on tinder?

Just because you have good tinder bios for guys and for girls, you won’t achieve the attention you want.

After the episode of right swiping you need to initiate a conversation.

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Make sure to not freak him or her out by being outright clingy. Start with a normal conversation, similar to that of you meeting a new person. Talk about your interests and observe the fluidity of your conversations.

You will get a pass to take it a step forward if there is a general understanding between the two of you. If not, then it’s highly recommended to search for someone else.

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