Have you ever come across a gorilla during a zoo visit and wondered to yourself about how it would look if it were bald? Weird right? It is an uncommon incident when an animal is completely hairless. But, it happens, and no, it’s not just genetics which plays a major role here. Hairlessness in animals is called hypertrichosis and its predominant cause is the presence of a recessive gene.

When this unfortunate mishap takes place, these animals are considered different from the rest of the pack and are isolated. The good news is that some of them recover their first layer of fur in a few weeks by ingesting the correct amount of nutrients in their bodies.

Animal rescue operations seek to liberate these cold cases and save these animals from isolation and depression.

Nevertheless, if you want to look at some of these spectacular cases where animals are hairless, this article has got you covered.

Hairless Rabbit

Hairless Hedgehog

Hairless bear

This is a famous hairless bear named Eve, who returned home to the Black Beauty Ranch, Texas after a 2 year-long rehab experience where she got back most of her hair. She was found in a dumpster in Northern California as a bear without fur, suffering from a serious health issue. She was taken into treatment by the Humane Society of the United States and was treated 2 years long for her deficit. However, they claim that Eve is not suitable to be left in the wild where she can have a family. Hence the Black Beauty Ranch will take her under their protection and give her all the love and care that she needs.

This is a popular hairless bear meme which describes the bear’s expression as aggressive.

Hairless Raccoon

Here is a hairless raccoon who has been named ‘Dobby’ after his uncanny resemblance to the Harry Potter elf. He has been suffering from some serious skin ailment caused by a recessive gene in his body and is currently going through treatment at Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge. He literally looks like a shaved raccoon, who cannot seem to get his life back on track because of his disease. The caretakers think that his condition has been deteriorating every minute and he won’t make it out of there alive.

Hairless Penguin

This hairless penguin was discovered in China’s Liaoning Province, where he was found abandoned in an aquarium by his family. This is a penguin without feathers who has this burden due to a genetic mishap. The workers at the aquarium believe that his special hair condition was due to insufficient digestion and his body’s inability to absorb nutrients.

Hairless Polar Bears

The reason why polar bears manage to survive the harsh weather in the cold regions is because of their thick layer of fur. However, even though hairless polar bears have not been spotted, another interesting fact has been recognized. The polar bears are gradually losing their hair this is an alarming signal for their existence. The exact cause of this has not yet been recorded. A polar bear without fur is as dangerous as fish without their gills.

A hairless panda or a shaved panda is not the most pleasant thing in the world to look at. Nevertheless, when a panda is born, it is hairless. The coating of fur usually grows after the first few weeks. A good quality bamboo diet keeps them healthy and fulfilled and keeps their fur quality and growth in check

Hairless skunks are found in this state when they are just born. They are hairless and blind for the first few days but are born with the natural stripes on their bodies that take shape after a few days.
Skunks are the stinky animals that you see in your cartoon channels.

Hairless Gorilla

This is Kadogo, a hairless gorilla who has turned every head in his direction with his unique appearance. Kadogo’s loss of hair is not due to any particular disease. He was born with it in 2001. He has never shown any health hazards due to him being hairless. At the moment, Kadogo is living his best life with good food and all the attention in the world as the only bald gorilla. A gorilla without hair performs similar functions to a gorilla with hair. There is barely any difference noted between the two.

Hairless Kangaroo

This is a hairless kangaroo that you can see in the picture above. She was born this way and is being taken care of extensively.

Grizzly Bears are interesting animals who are extremely dangerous to mankind. They do not have any mercy for their prey and they go straight for the kill. A shaved grizzly bear is usually spotted after their death since it is impossible to catch hold of one and shave their hair without turning into their lunch.

Hairless Chimpanzee

This is a hairless chimpanzee which looks much similar to a chimpanzee shaved. If a chimpanzee is born without hair, it is either due to the recessive gene in their bodies, or it is due to some disease that they caught on to.

Hairless Dog

Hairless Wombat

Hairless Hamster

Hairless Rat


Either way, it is a rare occurrence to find such animals without any hair. Their hairlessness almost makes them unrecognizable.

We must know that animal psychology states that if a member of an animal species family looks a little different from the main herd, he or she is not considered a part of the family. In most cases, they are abandoned and left alone to die. They cannot survive in the animal kingdom at free will unless taken care of regularly.

Thank god for animal rescue centers and international organizations that takes up the initiative to rescue these abandoned unique species and give them a proper home to grow old in.

These hairless animals require extra care and attention in order for them to survive. Their hairlessness is obviously a concern because they need hair to protect them from potential germs and bacteria.

As of now, these animals are looked upon as unique ensembles whose responsibility lies with the humans and agencies that adopted them and are doing their best to allow them to have a stress-free healthy life.


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