Is your parents anniversary date coming soon? It is a day to show how much you care for your  parents. Though there should be no special day to show your love for your parents, but making them feel special on this day will make this an unforgettable moment for them.

How about a wish-post on social media on this day? Isn’t it the trend nowadays?

But you will need some anniversary wishing quotes for it. Are you wondering about what should you write and what not.

We have got your back. Here in this article we are going to write up long and short happy anniversary gif for text  exclusively for you. You can use them or take inspiration from them to write up your own post.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Gif

So what are you planning for to surprise you dad and mom? Perhaps a dinner together? This could be an amazing idea as the couple would find some moments together to celebrate their strong bond and the happy memories they made in their life. But only a surprise dinner plan isn’t enough in this age of socializing.

A good video or perhaps a photo celebrating their strong exemplary bond can make their day and it will many other people to wish them on their special day too. Perhaps they would love it.

Write four or five lines or you can make it longer too celebrating their togetherness since the day they tied wedding nods. Your Papa and Mamma will really feel special this way.

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary Gif

Anniversary is a day that always holds a special place in your heart. The more years a couple spend together, the more special this day  gradually be. There are many ways to wish them on this day, but expressing your feelings over social medias like Facebook, Instagram is the trend of the age.

You can write messages for the intended couple. But to write a thoughtful message with a perfect balance of fun, romance and love together can be a hard nut to crack. You can prepare yourself for this beforehand if you wish to.

Happy One Year Anniversary Gif

One year Happy Anniversary Gif For Text is a moment you and your partner were  waiting eagerly for. We are sure you have special plans to celebrate your love and memories together. But what about preparing a sentimental message to recite over your candlelight dinner? Won’t it add an extra feather to your hat? Of course it would.

You can use this message to post on your social media account too and tag your partner to express your feelings for him or her publically. If you are looking for a special image of gif suiting your message, we can help you.

Happy 6 Month Anniversary Gif

Sixth month of togetherness can be a special moment to celebrate for a newly married couple. Are you one of them? Can’t wait for another six months to celebrate your love for your life- partner? This is really a good opportunity.

Celebrate your happy moment privately but a public post to convey your love is the trend of the age. And it sounds cute too. Look for perfect image or gif for anniversary and write up a good romantic message and post it together. And the good thing is that we can help you for the gif part!

Happy Anniversary Daughter and Son in Law Gif

Do you want to wish your son and daughter-in-law on their special day? You have thought it out amazingly. A message conveying your blessings for them will make their anniversary even more special.

But have you thought how to implement your idea?

You have craft an amazing message for them. As you already know, letters or cards are outdated now. A message on social media is the in thing! So it will be even better if you find out a cute image of gif that suits your message.

Happy Anniversary to My Wife Gif

Is your anniversary coming soon? Plan this in a really special way to see that satisfying smiley curve on her lips. A candlelight dinner or some special gifts or a small tour to her favorite place would be great. But every girl wants their partner to show their love  publicly.

So how about a public post? It will give at least some essence. So what are you waiting for? Just draft a special message for her, add some suitable images and gif and you are ready to post it!

Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary Gif

So you have walked a long path together. Now it is time to celebrate your journey of 35 years. Craft a timeframe showing your special moments that you have captured and write a special message to reminiscence those ones that you couldn’t capture on lens.

Share your feelings, express your ever growing love. We assure you, nothing can make her more special than this! So are you ready? Pull your socks up and get to work!

Happy Anniversary Love Birds Gif

There is a famous sayingfrom famous person: Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife. A life with a perfect partner can make your sweet little home a paradise for you!

The warmth of her love, care and affection will protect you in your winters and will bloom flowers for you in spring. She will be your reason to come back to home as well as your shelter of peace after having a long hard day.

And your marriage anniversary is the special moment show your feelings for her, thank her for being with you. Write up a heart-warming message for her. Suitable images or gifs would make your message more presentable.

Happy 50th Anniversary Gif Images

Spending 50 years together! Sounds so great! This is indeed no small feat. Rather this occasion deserves a grand celebration. Do you know a couple whose 50th anniversary is nearing soon?

A warm wish from close friends will make their day more special.

But it is never an easy call to write up a message for them. Proper words don’t come to you sometimes.

So what about creating just a small time frame showing their journey together? Doesn’t it sound more cool? So just look for a perfect image or gif to wish them on their special day. We can help you here.

Happy 45th Wedding Anniversary Gif

Writing something on a couple’s anniversary is like a drafting a testament of their ever green relationship and their love that is ripening more and more with time.

Just by wishing them in a special way on this day, you can take them back to the day they met for the first time or how their love has passed the test of time over these years. All you need to do is craft a heartfelt message.

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary Gif

Are you feel yourself to be blessed with a pristine bond? If you have walked a long path of 15 years with a special person, this is the moment to celebrate your togetherness.

Express your love, care and affection for your partner on the day of your 15th year anniversary. Commemorate your happy moments that you have created with your soulmate.

What have you thought specially for this day? A small yet sensitive message coming straight from your heart is the best way we think. A special anniversary image or gif to add with your text would make more attractive.


Wedding anniversary gifs and images can help you to wish the persons close to your heart on their special day. You can share these via various social platforms be it  Facebook, be it WhatsApp or be it Instagram.

We assure that they will convey your feelings without any miss. Hope our collection of Happy Anniversary Gif for Text has helped you. Thank you for visiting our Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Gif article.

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