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How to Add Animated Text to GIF

How to Add Animated Text to GIF

How to Add Animated Text to GIF

Gifs are attention-grabbing files that can be used for many reasons. Sometimes you have a gif but you want to add text to gif but without any tool or website that provides this service, you cannot do that on your own easily. If you are looking how to add text to a gif, then you are at right place. Here, you will find some website from where you can add text to animated gifs easily.

How to Add Animated Text to GIF

This website lets you add text to you animated gifs. Follow below steps how can you use this website to add caption to gif

You can write text with this website frame by frame. Also, you can set the time when a gif will appear. Keep in mind while using this website that you can upload only files that are not larger than 35mb.

This is one of the best website that allows you to add animated text to gif. With this website, you can add moving text and images, resize and crop a gif, edit start and end time of gif and change the speed of a gif. Find below steps to add words to gif with this website

You can upload a file of up to 100mb here. Also, you can set the time of text when it will appear or disappear.


This is another website from where you can add animated text to your gifs. You can resize your gif and change playing speed with this website. Here is how to use this.

This website is very easy to use. You can easily upload a gif or any other image file format to make changes in that. Below are the steps you need to follow to add text on the animated Gif

Adding Text Using Photoshop to GIF

There is one more way to add text to gif. That is Photoshop. Using Photoshop you can also add text to gif file. Follow the below mentioned steps to add text to gif using Photoshop.

With this method, you can easily add text on your gif. Keep in mind to select the correct layers to start with.

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