Animated GIFs are highly trending in recent time, it is the best possible way to share the emotions with your loved one. GIF is the digital image format which is similar to JPEGS and regular photograph but GIF is more powerful and attractive. In short, the GIFs are the moving image which has attracted the young generation to share and enjoy in the online world.

GIFs are not like regular sound videos but they are a tiny soundless entertaining video which are popular on Facebook, and WhatsApp. In fact, the GIF reactions are highly used as popular memes too.GIF format mostly doesn’t retain the quality when compressed in the form of JPEG or PNG.

Many GIF available online are usually heavy files and the quality deteriorates to the worst after compression. Nowadays, people are looking for gif compressor in order to compress large gif

Free online tools for Compress Gif

Now you can reduce GIF size with the help of free tools. These tools help to reduce gif file size without affecting the quality much.

This is another excellent tool which is a very friendly program and requires zero installation or executing of software. You can simply run a few files on the command prompt. Begin by dragging the GIF image and over the FastIO.cmd., the program will begin to compress the image and you can select the percentage of compression as well.

This is again a tool which allows multiple image optimization and you can resize the GIFs too. The final image can be moved to the cloud or google drop box.

You can reduce the file size online via, it is a simple tool which allows you to resize all kind of image and works as a gif size reducer. The tool also allows the users to crop the images, rotate it and resize them in the best image quality.

This open source GIP editor allows you to reduce gif size and you can also create high-quality GIF files using it. The software has many advanced features like editing the frames, including text, reversing directions and increase the playback. ScreenToGif has the best ability to provide high-quality compress animated gifs. helps to retain high quality compressed images and can give huge space and consume very less bandwidth when the image is uploaded on the web. allows the user to reduce the file size and makes the uploading super quickly. In addition to it, you can reduce the file size, image quality and create a compressed picture as per your need.

Tools to Compress Gif you can download

Here are some incredible tool which can be downloaded and highly helpful to compress animated gifs

RIOT is an excellent tool which allows the user to reduce the gif file size and you can also adjust the parameters of images and compress them. This excellent tool contains dual view friendly interface which allows the user to compare the quality of final output. The excellent tool supports popular formats like JPEG, PNG.

Giffing Tool is an image compressing too which covers the repeated pixels and color and overall reduces the final image size. Moreover, you can resize the images and alter it too without effective the image quality. The gif compressor tool allows the user to filter the image, merge them and also reverse it.

If you are looking for a brilliant tool to compress animated gifs and have the best user interface, you can check out GIFMicro. This software highlights the difference between the original as well as the compressed picture. The final image is flawless and remains perfect

This tool can be downloaded to compress the image in just a single click. You can compress the image size up to 90 % and the overall loading time is also less. A perfect tool which allows to compress the image and upload it on the social media profiles. The software works brilliantly in windows and you can get a clear preview of original as well as the compressed file before taping on the compress button.

Other Factors can reduce the size of Gif

If you love to work on the animated GIF, always make sure to retain the maximum quality and compare the original with the edited picture. These are some additional excellent tips which help to reduce the overall size of GIFs.

  •    Trimming of the animation

In order to begin, you need to open the file in the Photoshop and then trim the video on the Timeline Panel. Look for a good place to trim the video.

  •    Reduce the frames

The GIFs  can be reduced by cutting short the total amount of frames. It is must to select the remaining frames and increase the overall duration to equalize the loss of data.

  •    Dithering

GIF files don’t have a huge number of colours, you can imitate the missing colours using dithering. The process of dithering allows the user to add different colour pixels which are similar to each other. It is advisable to use less dithering as it helps to keep the image size small.

Things to try:

  • Try using different software to compress it more
  • Reduce the colour palette to the absolute minimum
  • Reduce the number of transitions (try 2 transitions instead of 3)
  • Remove the background pattern (GIFs compress better with less horizontal changes in data). Maybe try a border instead.

Why Do We Need To Compress The GIFs?

GIFs are large files and can be heavy and similar to a movie file. It is very difficult to share a heavy file on the web as it can take a lot of time to load as well. This is why millions of people on the internet are looking for gif compressor and the best way to reduce gif file size without affecting the quality.

Don’t compress GIFs that you’re uploading to Twitter

This might sound counterintuitive, but Twitter converts all of your uploaded GIFs into compressed video files — which means that your 10MB high quality GIF will end up being much smaller anyways. This doesn’t mean you should simply upload a video though! Even though uploaded GIFs just end up as video files, the way Twitter treats them is a little different. With a video, you have a timeline scrubber and a play button. But when you upload a GIF, there won’t be a timeline scrubber, and it will loop automatically. This is good in many cases. So just think through what experience you want to provide your audience.

GIFs are highly popular on the internet but without compressing them, it is very difficult to store and use them. People having slow internet connection can find GIFs troublesome, with excellent tools you can compress the images without affecting the final quality. You can shrink the file anywhere between 50-90 % with powerful compressor tools.


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