We all lead busy lives to a point where you feel you don’t have any time left for yourself. Well, finding the time of your own is good for self-care, self-improvement, or even finding time to do a reading on your own.

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There are a lot of things that you could do to free up yourself. On some occasions, you may have to abandon certain things and habits and make adjustments in others. Here are some of the ways to find time for yourself:

  1. Be deliberate about Using Your Evenings

There is a lot of time that goes into waste in the evening. All you need is to be deliberate on what to do during such times. If you don’t choose what to do, this precious time will slip off you. For that reason, you can set apart a few minutes to either read or do something that you believe is of much value to you.

  1. Leave Work on Time

Avoid the temptation of leaving work late. There is time for everything, and therefore, it is good to know when to shut down. Make the most use of your time during work hours to prepare you to leave work on time. There are a number of things that you could do after work hours, and that will only be a possibility if you plan your day well.

How to find time for yourself when you're too busy
How to find time for yourself when you’re too busy
  1. Treat Yourself Monthly

Plan to have a retreat all by yourself on a monthly basis. It is all about having a plan for it. Knowing that you will be having a retreat will prepare you well to have a wonderful time alone and do it without fail. Make this a habit, and you will definitely succeed.

  1. Allocate Time for Exercise

If you are looking for a time of your own in a busy life schedule, allocate time for the gym. This is one way to relax your body and mind as you reflect on your life. Exercise time is a personal time that can yield a lot of benefits when used maximally. Ensure that you form the habit of doing exercises regularly to ensure you don’t miss precious time for yourself.

  1. Join a Group of Your Interest

Groups help you to stay disciplined and remained focused on yourself. Therefore, join a team of like-minded individuals for a common activity. It could be anything as long as you feel it is what you want to do. Having someone you are accountable to will help you create time for yourself and be with them. Though you will be in a group, it will be something away from your daily hassles.

Final Thoughts

To find time for yourself, you need to have a plan and be deliberate about it. There are a lot of things to do, and that includes making the most of your daily activities. When you manage your time well, you will create some free time of your own!


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