How to save a gif from Facebook


    How to Save a Gif from Facebook

    The graphics interchange formats are popularly called as GIF. , it is a kind of image which is popularly used across the internet. People using Facebook are using GIF to add more fun element to the overall conversation. It is a cool way to express your views in the form of an interactive GIF. The GIF contains only 8 bits per pixel and contains the palette of up to 256 different colours.

    How to download Gif on Iphone or Ipad
    How to download Gif on Iphone or Ipad

    GIFS are highly popular and are over powering the videos too. Almost millions of GIFs are uploaded each day on all the popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter etc. With the growing popularity of gif, people are looking forward to downloading and saving it on their devices so that it can be used in the future too. The most common search for the user is how to download gif from facebook.

    If you are looking for a solution on how to save a gif from facebook then this post is for you. There are some excellent steps which allow you to save gif from facebook easily. Here are the simple and easy to follow steps in order to save the GIF on your android device and also PC.

    GIF from Facebook on Your PC

    If you want to save the GIF on your computer follow the below-mentioned steps

    Method 1: Save Option

    Step 1: In order to save the GIF from Facebook, you need to find your favourite GIF.  The first step is to click on the arrow button which is available at the button on the GIF.

    Step 2: Once you click on it, you will notice that the gif is opened in a brand new browsing window.

    Step 3: Right-click on the available GIF and then click on the option Save Image As. That’s it, you can easily save the GIF on your device.

    Method 2: Chrome Plugin
    you can make use of brilliantly designed plugins like GifMe, GIFs Saver, GIPHY for chrome in order to download and save the GIF from Facebook.

    GIF from Facebook on Your Android Device

    The facebook is a hub where you can find an explicit number of GIF. Some are downloadable and some are not. For all the downloadable GIF you can make use of the previous method. It works fine for all the android device too.

    Method 1: Use Google Chrome to Save the GIF

    Once a new tab and allow the page to get fully loaded. Once the page is loaded completes you can notice that the GIF is playing. Allow it to fully execute and tap on it. Click on the option of download image and you will notice that the GIF is saved as a .gif format. Now, this GIF is available on your gallery and absolutely ready to use too

    Method 2:  facebook gif downloader

    You can make use of facebook gif downloader which is available in the Google Play store. All you need is to download the application and get started with save gif from facebook on your android device. In addition to it, the same application can be used to download the photos from facebook.

    These steps would work perfectly fine if you are looking for solution to how to save a gif on android.



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