How to Save Gifs from Twitter

The internet is flooded with very funny and hilarious memes. It is the best way to share your emotions via text online. The GIF is taking over all the conversations, people love to use it on almost all the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and what not. GIFs are animated images which are been in existence for more than 25 years, the trend is getting stronger day by day.

How to Save Gifs from Twitter
How to Save Gifs from Twitter

In fact, as the technology is developing, people are making use of GIFs to break an important news, share their feeling, and express their story. The GIFs is the BFF for all the social media channels especially twitter. Some GIFs are way too funny and we always have looked for options to saving gifs from twitter. But you would have noticed that you cannot save the GIFs on twitter like you save the other websites by just right-clicking on it.

A user is unable to download the GIF from twitter because twitters convert the GIFs into a tiny video file and then the overall loading time gets exceeded. In short, you cannot save the GIFs in the form of images. Here are some excellent tips which allow you to copy gif from twitter.

Method 1: Get Tweet2gif for Android devices

If you are an android user you can easily download gif from twitter with the help of an amazing app called Tweet2gif. It is available on Google Play Store and totally for free. This is the best way to get a copy gif from twitter on your phone.

How To download gif from twitter

The Tweet2gif works as a twitter gif downloader and enables to download the GIF from all the public tweets. All you need is to visit the tweet from your twitter app and then tap on more menu option. Copy the link and paste it on the Tweet2gif. You can download the GIF in the form of a GIF file or as an MP4 movie file.

Method 2: Download MP4 and convert

If you are not able to get access to the Tweet2gif app, still saving gifs from twitter is super easy. In order to begin with, you need to download the MP4 video file on the GIF. Then convert the MP4 file into GIF format and execute both the files.

It is an easy way to download gif from twitter since the video will be saved. All you need is to paste the URL and tap on download option appearing on the right side. GIFs are only for few seconds hence the overall downloading time of MP4 is also less.

The final step is to convert, tap on the video to GIF option in the site and select the option save as MP4 file. Finally, upload it.  In addition to it, you can explore several other options or can directly download it. It is best to change the frame rate as 20 seconds, this will make the process seamless and at last tap on GIF.

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