Social media has become a platform where people express various emotions like laughter, sadness, funny and sarcasm etc. Through social media people interact with other person sitting in the another corner of the world. People nowadays have become so engrossed in these social sites that they have gone so far from the originality. With the increasing use of these social sites like Facebook, Whats app, Instagram the scope of communicating has widely broadened. Today most of us are used to What’s App each and  every work of ours is done on whats’ app. Whether it is sharing documents, images or gif’s . If we talk about gif’s than these gif’s have made their own space in this social platform, today people express through these gif’s that are also called minute stories. Gif’s have now become so cool and trendy that we can often see people sending gif’s to each other. We all share these gif’s very easily but in actual we do not know much about it. So today i am going to tell you about gif’s and also how you can share them.

Well, gif’s stand for ‘graphic interchange format” it like a simple image format in moving gesture. It is generally in animated way. Gif’s have now become a mode of conveying some ideas and emotions.In order to exempt yourself from writing long stories these gif’s are widely being used to express in shorter yet entertaining from. They are less time consuming way of communicating.

Gif”s are mostly sent on what’s app. So now i will tell you how are they sent on what’s app?

How gif’s are sent on what’s app in Android phones and iOS?

The wait for gif’s to be sent on what’s app was long. However the wait finally came to an end in 2017. When the apps were updated with a feature of sending gif’s . In order to send gif’s via whats’ app your app should have a recent version. Although the procedure of sending gif’s on what’s app and iOS is much similar but yes there are certain differences too.

So the way you can send gif’s on what’s app in Android phones are as follows-

  • Click on emoction option- The way to send gif’s on what’s app is not that easy. You will first have to click on the emoction face button given in the left corner given in the sub menu. Once you click this option two options will be displayed infront of you.
  • Click on gif’s option- In the drop down menu of gif’s you will get a search bar you will get ample amount of gif’s and the most common ones or the frequent ones which are regularly sent via what’s app are also showcased there.
  • Select from search bar- In search bar you can type the kind of gif that you are willing to send via what’s app to someone. There you can get a huge lot of gif’s related to various sections.You can get related to funny segment, sad area and much more.
  • Long list of gif’s – When you have searched through the web on what’s app itself a long list of gif’s will appear from those gif’s you can select the gif which you find is much appropriate to what you want to express.
  • Gif will be downloaded- Once you have selected the gif which you want to send it will get downloaded and then you can send it on what’s app.
  • Adding a message- When you have selected the gif which you want to send through whats’app along with it you can also add a message to it which may convey what gif is all about or why are you sending this gif.

How to send gif’s on what’s app in iOS phone?

Gif’s can be sent on iOS as well. If we talk about sending gif’s on what’s app in iOS than it is also an easy task but to do it one must know the whole procedure. People often get confused that sending of gif’s in android as well as iOS is much similar but there is a difference between the two.

So now i will tell you that how you can send gif’s in iOS phone-

  • Click on plus icon in the bottom left of the screen- When you open the whats’ app on your screen a plus icon will appear in the bottom left of the screen. You need to click on it in order to open up the multimedia options.
  • Photo and video library- Once when you open the multimedia options you will get an option there named as photo and video library. Click on that option and a screen will appear with other options as well for you.
  • Click on gif option- After opening up the photo and video library in the bottom left again you will find an option with the word GIF written on it. On clicking that option you will be able to search various gif’s which you can send to anyone you want.
  • Starred gif’s – Once you have sent the gif’s there you will also get an option as starred gif’s. Starred gif’s is an option where you can save your gif’s for futher use. You can save these gif’s and can send them in future to other people you want to.

This is how you send gif’s to people through what’s app on iOS.

What’s app is regularly being used as a medium to communicate to people. What’s app has reduced the distance barriers among people as they now can see each other through what’s app video calling, or can send small gif’s to each other. Knowing how to send gif’s on android and iOS will definitely make your task easy of sending gif’s on what’s app to the person sitting next door to you. Hope this article would have been of great help to you to send people gif’s from an android version or ios. Now send gif’s to your mates in one go.


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