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You can buy almost anything online today. From simple things for everyday life like groceries or toiletries to the more unusual items meant for special occasions like gowns, gifts, and flowers. But let’s just talk about flowers.

Can you picture any important life events without a complement of flowers? Or, how do you go about giving your living space that feeling of home without an indoor plant? Despite the fact that flowers are so present in our lives, the online florist business niche still isn’t saturated.

And with a well-organized business like flower delivery, you have the opportunity to succeed. In this article, we’ll cover how to start a flower shop online that delivers the best customer experience, and how much it would cost to develop it. But first, let’s consider the benefits of starting a flower shop online.

Dismantling the 3 Biggest Myths About Online Flower Stores

The online flower business is rife with myths that are typical for all e-commerce sphere in general. These myths are nothing but detractors that can discourage potential business owners from opening their first store. Let’s take a closer look and dispel some of these myths.

Flowers are not sold through the internet

Some people are truly perplexed considering the question of how to sell floral arrangements online. They simply feel that flowers need to be seen, touched, and smelled before one can confidently make a purchase decision.

However, the rhythm of modern life means that some of us just can’t take the time to do so, and with the busy schedules that occupy us all, few people care to spend their time going to the store.

This makes ordering flowers online more than reasonable, especially when the order falls into the hands of a professional florist on the other end of the screen. Forecasts made by industry specialists claim that the e-commerce flower market is going to grow excessively in the next few years, and it’s no surprise.

Creating a simple website is more than enough for a business to start to sell flowers online

The reality is that it is better to develop a custom website because template websites look generic and unprofessional, and won’t cope with the number of sales you’ll undoubtedly desire.

Competition on the internet is too high and the niche is fully saturated

People think there are abundant online flower stores and the market is so oversaturated that it’s futile for newcomers to enter it. Further, they think they cannot compete with market giants. But, small business has its own advantages, like the possibility to target a niche and make use of local SEO.

What Matters Most for Customers When They Buy Flowers From Online Stores?

Each e-commerce industry has its own features and nuances that should be taken into account while creating a store. The flower industry is no exception, and here is a breakdown of the factors you should pay attention to while developing your flower shop:

  • Recommendations. As a general rule, people tend to purchase flowers for special occasions, which by nature, do not happen very often. Because of this, some customers may have concerns about selecting the right items, both floral and non-floral, due to lack of experience.

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