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How to Use Gifs, Emojis, and Memes When Talking to Girls

How to Use Gifs, Emojis, and Memes When Talking to Girls

Many people think that gifts and emojis are useless and only clutter up their communication on the Internet. However, the studies conducted by psychologists show that this is not the case. Gifts, memes, and emojis help people make contact, especially in romantic communication.

More and more people use online services and applications to develop relationships. A survey of Americans who use dating sites to find a romantic partner has shown that the active use of emojis has a positive effect on the chances of going on a date and having sex in the future.

In general, the use of gifts and emojis leads to more successful communication. And they can become a universal form of communication when you are talking to girls on Such things as gifts, memes, and emojis are generally understood by everyone regardless of origin, nationality, or education.

The Power of Emojis

The fact is that a text message without emojis can be perceived as dry and detached one, while emojis give it liveliness and emotional coloring. Such a “light” and “playful” communication contributes to the creation of a romantic mood in a girl.

In addition to distinguishing emotions, emojis can also soften them. If you don’t like something or have a bad mood, you can express it with the help of an emoji, and it will mean, for example, “I am angry, but not quite seriously.” At the same time, emojis cannot be considered a full-fledged replacement for live communication, especially since different people can interpret them differently.

Of course, any feelings and emotions can be expressed in words – every language is rich enough for this. However, in modern society, people simply do not have time for this, so we increasingly use emoji as convenient symbols of emotions. It has already become an integral part of our communication which you just need to accept and, if possible, use for good.

The Usage of Gifs

It is noticed that, in 40% of cases, people who communicate via text messages understand the partner worse than during live communication. When you use gifs, you try to express emotions and make a girl laugh. Such things help become closer.

However, don’t use any gifs that are ambiguous or too frivolous. Yes, perhaps, in some cases, thematic gifs are needed, but you should be very careful with that; otherwise, you can spoil the girl’s mood.

Bear in mind that not all gifs can be used when corresponding with a girl you don’t know well. First, it’s necessary to test the waters.

The Influence of Memes

Memes enrich communication and point to the emotional state that you convey along with your message. Such communication is necessary so that a girl can see your attitude and sense of humor. It is important for everybody to share their anger, discontent, resentment, or joy with someone. The modern pace of life forces people to reduce interpersonal communication, replacing it with messages where memes serve as a surrogate of emotions.

They duplicate, strengthen, and supplement the meaning. They will surely help you establish contact between you two and allow you to show your feelings when you don’t want to write too much.

So, the text gets a visual embodiment; it will be perceived much easier than ordinary textual communication. The main thing is to keep it relevant and not overdo it. You know that everything should be in moderation. One or two memes per message will be enough. And you shouldn’t overload your communication with gifs and memes, while emojis can be used much more often. Anyway, the choice of such things should correspond to the topic of your conversation.

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