Everything you need to know about Magicians in Valencia

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Hiring a magic show is to ensure success to get your guests to enjoy the most. Magic allows us to dream and escape from routine for a while. Whatever party or event you are organizing, our magicians, illusionists, and hypnotists offer you an original and different show to amaze your guests. There is a wide range of magicians at home in Valencia that can cover any need for any type of party, event, or celebration.

Types of magic

If you want to hire a magician in Valencia, keep in mind that there is a huge variety of styles and types of magic and they can influence the professional’s cache. Magic with humor is very popular in which magic tricks are mixed with a comic show and has the advantage of being liked by all audiences. 

You also have to differentiate between close-up magic and scene magic. The magic nearby is usually limited to small groups of spectators because there is closer contact with the public and is usually small items such as cards or coins. He is a type of magician who has great skill with his hands and quick movements. 

The magic scene is carried out in larger spaces without such close contact with the public. It is usually more spectacular and visual, and technology is increasingly important in this type of magic. Visit here;

There are other ways to classify the different types of magic based on the types of tricks or elements that predominate. We have magic with animals, escapism, sleight of hand, or manipulation magic among others. 

Depending on the type of event or celebration, it will be more convenient to hire a magician or type of show of one specialty or another. In Valencia, there is a wide range of professionals who cover all these types of magic.

Factors influencing the price

There are several factors that influence the price of a Magician in Valencia such as the duration of performance you want to hire, the experience they have, the type of event or celebration, or the location (there may be travel expenses if the site is retired). 

But without a doubt what most influences the magician’s cache is the name and fame he has, that is why prices can vary so much if you want to hire a well-known professional.

If you want to know how much a magician costs in Valencia, keep in mind that a professional magician who performs a show for adults or audiences of all ages is not the same as a magician for children. The prices of children’s magicians are more affordable because it does not require as much technique or experience.

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Magicians for company events

Corporate events, launches, Christmas dinners, or conventions are some of the company events in which a magic show can be attractive. It is important to establish in advance if any special equipment or location is required for the magic shows such as platforms or stages. In the case of open and wide spaces, the cost may rise a bit because more powerful equipment or special spaces are needed.

In the case of corporate events, the price of magicians for company events in Valencia may be higher than for parties or private celebrations. The demands of a company event are higher and companies tend to have a larger budget. It is important that the magic professional we hire is used to working in these types of events that have special requirements when interacting with the public and in some cases dress codes and other particular issues.

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