It’s been a short time since I posted, especially about my progress creating one (or more?) niche websites.

It’s basically because I’m heavily performing on my new project. But in fact, I would like to stay you posted on the results of My Micro Niche Site Challenge!

I started the challenge with finding my niche, then I built a distinct segment site with WordPress and within the last step (so far) I created content for the niche site.

Now it’s time to reveal the results! And to inform you that I’ll continue building niche websites, to create a stream of passive income.

My Keyword

The topic of my niche website is inflammation . I chose this subject because I’m a somewhat passionate runner and I’m struggeling with inflammation since several months.

It’s widely known that physical activity and excercising is useful for running a business since it causes you to more productive. That’s why I won’t stop doing sports, albeit I probably will stop running.

After performing some keyword research in my favourite Keyword Tool Long Tail Pro, I found the keyword shin support. I’m targeting the US with my keyword and I’m using the broad search. the opposite possible settings are exact and phrase and it’s vital to understand the differences!

Micro niche site long tail pro results

I thought that this is often the right keyword, albeit the monthly search volume for the term shin support isn’t as high as I’d love it to be and it’s right at the highest edge for competition. What makes this subject and this keyword interesting is that the chance to create a much bigger site with cornerstone content.

I could even create multiple niche websites with this great topic, though I decide to make this niche website somewhat authoritative.

This means that I won’t only target one keyword, but many related keywords – which hopefully will drive more traffic to my site. As I state here, it’s useful to countercheck results from keyword tools with the Google Keyword Tool, regardless of whether you employ Long Tail Pro, Market Samurai, or another tool. These are my results:

Results from the Google Keyword Tool

As you’ll see I entered slightly different keywords within the Google Keyword Tool as in Long Tail Pro. the rationale was that i would like to urge a “feeling” for the niche. It seems that folks are somewhat curious about the subject inflammation , they enter multiple similar keywords.

During the project I discussed the keywords with an honest friend of mine who has built plenty of niche websites (no, I’m not talking of Spencer Haws).

He came up with extremely different keyword search results. The monthly search volumes was only 20%-30% of the results I had. We both couldn’t find out why the results vary that heavily, but we expect it’s thanks to the very fact that he lives during a different country than me. Maybe Google comes up with different search volumes, albeit we both enter an equivalent country as a target for the keyword.

But that’s why I countercheck all the keywords I’m using! Since I already started building the location, I made a decision to stay going.

Setting The Niche Website Up

I started like everyone else who’s creating niche websites, with keyword research to seek out my niche.

Brainstorming some ideas for topics works best on behalf of me , but you’ll also just undergo Amazon’s bestsellers (people are obviously curious about the topics of these books), eBay products or take a rehearse your city.

The great thing about keyword research with Long Tail Pro and therefore the Google Keyword Tool is, that you simply only got to enter seed keywords. for instance I entered “shin splints” and Long Tail Pro showed my many possible keywords for that field.

You can easily use each of these keyword as another seed keyword and chain keywords to seek out an honest niche. It takes a while and in my eyes that’s the foremost difficult part within the niche website creation process. Most niche websites fail because they aim a keyword that’s too competitive and thus never get serious traffic from Google.

At first I looked for a free .com domain, that’s a particular match to at least one of my keywords. this is often vital , most niche websites have a particular match domain. As you’ll later see within the results, it does pay off. i like to recommend using .com or .net domains, since I even have heard only good stories about their impact on SEO. Haven’t heard anything good about newer domains like .info – but I only have experiences with .com for my niche websites.

Keep Reading:

The next step was to put in WordPress as content management system for my niche website. It allows to simply manage your content and my friend recommended using the IntelliTheme for WordPress. This theme is extremely complex and that i haven’t found time to actually digg into it, so I’ll post a review of this within the next weeks. except for now let me say that it’s very flexible and it’s great to seek out the simplest converting Adsense ads. It can really boost your income!

Ok, I had a website and that i had my WordPress able to rock, now it had been time to make the content.

Being a runner and handling inflammation for several months, I knew tons about this. it had been easy to start out generating content, writing about compression sleeves, shoes, running techniques, etc. Though I quickly discovered a drag. As you recognize I’m from Germany, so I only knew the medical terms in German. it had been a pain within the  work of all medical terms in English, but i feel it clothed ok. Make sure you’re talking about when creating niche websites!


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