Meditation is a deep state of calmness and peacefulness when the mind is relaxed and content, without any worries or any thoughts of past, present, or future. Many experts call it the state of mindfulness.

It means transforming your mind to have alertness, clarity, and emotional positivity. It encourages awareness of your breath, your body, and your surroundings without any clutter of thoughts.

It sounds very simple, but so many people find it so hard to detach their mind even for a few seconds to be free of “thoughts clutter”. The thought of sitting still without any thoughts sounds scary. But once you read some of the tricks and techniques below, you will realize how easy it is to meditate.

For me, mindfulness and meditation are tying the thousands of years of Buddhist practices to the science of a Parasympathetic state of the body that achieves incredible health benefits.

It is all about providing your body oxygenation to the full capacity of your lungs, so the body can perform its biggest to smallest functions i.e. being able to regenerate cells, pumping blood to all organs, digesting food, fighting illness, etc. And this is exactly what meditation is all about; to give you the ability to breathe properly.

A lot of people, meditate for different purposes, to achieve mindfulness, to control their breathing, to reduce stress, to achieve alertness, and to cultivate a state of positive being. This all achieves the better and healthier you.

Meditation is one of the simplest ways to eliminate so many mental health problems; for example, anxiety or depression, or stress. When you feel better, your body functions better.

Because remember body needs the balance between, its mental, chemical, and physical states. A lot of my clients tell me that by meditating and doing mindfulness or core strengthening exercises incorporated with some positive habits, their stress levels come down (mental health improves).

They can sleep better (Chemical health improves)1. And they feel less tension in their shoulders and neck (Physical health improves).

There are just so many benefits of mediation. Try it and discover the wonderful health benefits.

Sit upright in a cross-legged position. If it’s not easy you can sit on a chair. Make sure you are comfortable.
Start by taking a deep breath in through your nose
As you inhale, feel the breath move deep into your body. The trick is to place your hands on your belly and feel it expand as you inhale.
Then slowly exhale through your nose as you feel your belly deflate.
Repeat that 3 more times breathing slowly and deeply each time. Count to 4 seconds when inhaling and 4 seconds when exhaling. That would help with keeping a slow and steady breathing pace.
When you have mastered this technique of slow and deep breathing, pay attention to what is going on in your mind. If you have any thoughts and any worries cluttering your mind, just pushed them away gently by concentrating on your breath. Feel it entering and leaving your belly, your lower chest, and your upper chest.
Tip: A lot of people achieve good results when they meditate in a quiet environment when there is nothing and no one there to disturb them. Some people even meditate on the sound of soft music. If you have not meditated before I always recommend my clients to practice mediation in presence of a mediation teacher who can create ideal conditions for mediation.
Let me know how you go and if you have questions get in touch with me.

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