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Mr. Burns Excellent GIF

One of the very popular antagonists in the comic series, Simpsons is this very
interesting character of Mr. Burns. Mr. Burns’ excellent gif is definitely a conversation

Charles Montgomery Burns, more popularly known as Mr. Burns is a very influential
antagonist in Simpsons. He is the oldest, wisest and the richest man in the city. He
owns the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and his net worth has been estimated at 1
Billion dollars. On many occasions, he has known to have resorted to irrational
means to achieve his goals.

This Mr. Burns gif is an excellent gif to make any intense conversation interesting.
Mr.Burns fingers have a symbolic connotation because everytime he gets what he
wants, he says ‘Excellent’.

This specific gif denotes a plan falling into place. You can definitely use this when
you get information you wanted to hear, or when you have trapped someone. So,
use it to definitely lighten the mode of your conversation. You can also use it on your
instagram stories to demonstrate your emotions with a picture or a post.

Can you hear this picture? Because I can. It says ‘Excellent Smithers’.
This Mr. Burns excellent meme is one of the finest and the most frequently used gifs
used by individuals in their social media platforms.

This Simpsons Excellent gif is definitely a mood lifter for any conversation which
includes an evil plan to take down somebody. It can also be used when you receive
important information you have been waiting for, for a while.

These common gifs are present on both iOS and Android platforms on WhatsApp
and Instagram. Make sure you use these in the right contexts to add some spice to
your conversations.

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