New Outboard Motors for Sale

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When buying an outboard motor, it’s important to consider the power requirements needed for your boat. Outboard motors come in horsepower’s ranging from 2 to 350 HP.

Four stroke outboard motors and two stroke outboard models generate a range of 15 to 115 HP suitable for hulls up to 21 feet to the more powerful V-6 and V-8 cylinder blocks rated up to 350 HP with sufficient power to be used on boats of 38ft or longer.

Between all of the Yamaha outboard motors, Honda outboard motors, Suzuki outboard motors, and Mercury outboard motors for sale at Boater’s World, we are sure you will find what you need.

Shaft length is another important factor in purchasing outboard motors. Outboard motor shaft lengths are standardized to fit 15″, 20″ and 25″ transoms. Selecting the proper shaft length for your outboard motors will ensure optimal performance and fuel economy. Many Yamaha outboard motors for sale at Boater’s World as well as Honda outboard motors and others are available with power trim and tilt allowing the operator to adjust the trim angle on the fly. We also have small outboard motors for sale.Visit here; Boat Motors for Sale.

Small outboard motors are available in 2.5 to 25 HP and are great for powering smaller crafts. Check out our low Honda outboards, Suzuki outboards, Mercury outboards, Tohatsu outboards and Yamaha outboard motors pricing today. If you have any questions, please contact us or come in today! We are always happy to assist. Thank you for shopping at Boater’s World!

We have a passion for creating boats and equipment that are second to none. We believe that owning a Whitehall means you own the best all-water rowboat on the planet. Period. We believe that owning, rowing and sailing a Whitehall may be one of the best financial decisions and long term investments you can make for the well-being of your body, mind, and soul.

Retired airline pilot and offshore sailor David Zaharik is no stranger to Whitehall Spirit®️ Rowboats. He bought his first boat, several years ago and loved it for the sheer pleasure of rowing, as well as for the fitness benefits. He also used the Solo 14®️ as a ship’s tender and shore boat for his previous cruising sailboat, a Benateau 42.

A couple of years ago, David upgraded to a larger offshore sailboat, a Boreal 47 called “Beyond the Blue”. This sailboat is a truly magnificent cruiser that he sailed home to Vancouver, BC from Northern France, Tréguier, via Spain, Portugal… Along with the new cruiser, David now wanted another Whitehall boat to go with the sailboat and to replace the Zodiac inflatable that came with the Boreal 47.


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