PST file in Windows Live Mail?

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Do you want to change the open PST file in Windows Live Mail? In that case, you are in the right place. Through this post, I will show you how to import PST into Windows Live Mail. This article is suitable for all users who want to import multiple Improve Your Computer Skills.

Currently, there are great utilities that can easily open PST files in your Windows Live Mail account. Migrate from PST to Windows Live Mail is a professional utility that makes it easy to migrate all your Outlook emails to your Windows Live Mail account. This software has some advanced features that will help you to smoothly migrate PST files to your Windows Live Mail account.

Download the free trial version of PST to Windows Live Mail Converter to migrate 25 PST files at once. Before you buy a licensed version and migrate unlimited PST files to WLM,

please try this free demo version to see the efficiency and performance of your software.

Overview of PST and WLM before migration

PST files are also known as personal storage tables. The Personal Storage Table (PST) was developed by Microsoft to store copies of messages, calendar events, and other items on software platforms such as Microsoft Exchange Client, Windows Messaging, and

Microsoft Outlook. Multiple addresses, attachments, contacts, schedules, tasks, and other items are saved in this Microsoft Outlook file format.

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Windows Live Mail, on the other hand, is Microsoft’s freeware email client. This is part of the Windows Essentials series, which you can download for free from the official website. This is a variant of Windows Mail that replaces Outlook Express on Windows XP. Windows Live Mail is designed to work with Windows 7 and later versions. So here is a brief introduction to PST and WLM. Improve Your Computer Skills

Step-by-step process to move PST file to WLM
Before discussing its features, let’s take a look at the steps to quickly import PST file into Windows Live Mail. Improve Your Computer Skills

 PST file in Windows Live Mail?
PST file in Windows Live Mail?

Download PST to Windows Live Mail Migrator software and install it on your system.
The application runs successfully and launches without an external installation.
Then select the Outlook PST file or folder that you want to migrate to your Windows Live Mail account and click Next.
Check the PST file / folder you need to import into Windows Live Mail and click the Next button.
Then select Windows Live Mail as the save option from the drop-down menu.
Then select the destination location, select the appropriate file naming option, and save the resulting file.

Finally, click the Next button to start the PST migration process to Windows Live Mail.
So here are some simple steps that will help you to open PST file in Windows Live Mail

account without any problems. The next section describes the best features of the recommended software described in the next section.

Advanced PST feature to WLM converter

Import a PST file with attachments into Windows Live Mail.
Migrate Outlook PST files to Windows Live Mail in bulk mode.
Save all PST file data elements during migration such as To, Cc, Bcc, Date, Time.
After migrating PST to WLM, save the actual Outlook PST folder hierarchy.

You can import ANSI and UNICODE Outlook PST files directly into WLM.
Two options for selecting Outlook PST files to convert-File selection, Folder selection.

It provides multiple filename options for saving PST to WLM conversion results.
Migrate different versions of Outlook PST file (Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.).
Works on all editions of the Windows operating system (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.).
Frequently Asked Questions
How to open a PST file in Windows Live Mail?
Follow the instructions to import the PST into WLM.

Launch the application on a Windows machine.
Select the PST file / folder you want to convert.
Select Windows Live Mail as the export option
Select the destination location and file naming options.
Click Next to start the PST to WLM conversion process.
Can I use this software to convert multiple PST files to WLM?
Yes, the software provides batch mode to convert multiple PST files to Windows Live Mail at once.

Can I download this software to Windows OS?
Yes, it supports all editions of the Windows operating system, so you can download the software to Windows OS.

Does the software retain the original file structure during the conversion process?
Yes, the software retains the original structure of the PST file throughout the PST to WLM migration process

The last word

This article recommends the perfect solution for opening PST files in Windows Live Mail. In addition, the software is designed with an intuitive interface.

This makes it easy to operate the software without technical support. Try the demo version of this software to see its performance and efficiency, then buy the approved version and import the PST file into your Windows Live Mail account.
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