The city of Kobe is one of the top destinations for foreign tourists. It has a wide range of attractions to offer, from its historical heritage sites to its stunning natural beauty. However, not all areas are easy for foreigners to access if you’re not fluent in Japanese. Here are some tips on what to expect for an apartment rental for foreigners in Kobe.


Renting an Apartment in Kobe

There are various types of apartment rental for foreigners in Kobe. The most common type is the standard foreign-friendly one, which typically includes utilities such as water and electricity. However, this type does not guarantee you will find an apartment that meets your specific requirements. For example, you might want to live in a particular neighborhood or be near certain amenities. Depending on your preferences, you will need to find a rental that provides those amenities. Another consideration is if you’re planning on using public transport frequently; sometimes it’s easier to walk to certain locations than take a train or bus.

You also should consider how close the rental is to convenience stores and emergency medical facilities. If you’re renting an apartment near these things, they’ll be much easier for you to access when needed.

How to Get Around in Kobe

Transportation in Kobe is usually quite limited, so it’s probably best to rent a car or bike. There are also plenty of taxis that take you around the city and into neighboring cities such as Osaka. If you can’t get around with public transportation, renting a car or bike will be your best option.

If you’re renting an apartment on stilts for the view, there are many things to consider when looking at apartments in Kobe. First, how accessible will the apartment be for you and your family? You might want to either stay on ground level or choose an apartment with a lower floor. Other considerations include proximity of restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores; accessibility to public transportation; whether the apartment overlooks the ocean; and whether it’s near a place of worship.

What Is the Cost of Renting an Apartment in Kobe?

Not knowing the cost of renting an apartment in Kobe is a common mistake foreigners make. The cost of renting an apartment depends on the neighborhood and the size of the apartment. You can expect to pay between $300-$800 for one-bedroom apartments. Two-bedroom apartments tend to be more expensive, with a price range of $700-$1200.

Renting an apartment can become expensive if you’re not careful. The cost for utilities may vary depending on your location’s energy costs. For example, electricity is cheaper in the suburbs than in central Kobe. So, be sure to compare prices and read reviews before making any final decision on where you want to live.

What to Expect from the Area

The area around JR Kobe Station is a popular destination for foreign tourists. The station is close to the city center and the port, so it’s easy to get around the area on foot. There are also a number of taxis available in this area. You can take these taxis to other popular destinations, such as Kobe Port, or you can easily drive there yourself if you have your own car.

Foreigners who are looking to stay in an apartment close to the station should be aware that they will need some Japanese language skills if they want to know where things are around town. To help with this, there are signs with English translations at several stations, including JR Kobe Station and Seishin-Otsu Station. However, since most of these signs are in Japanese, it would still be helpful for foreigners who speak a little bit of Japanese to bring along a dictionary when exploring the city.

If you are planning a trip to Kobe, Japan, and you need a place to stay, renting an apartment while you are there has a lot of benefits. From the high-end restaurants and shopping to the beautiful scenery and nightlife, renting an apartment in Kobe is the best way to experience the city.


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