It’s an adage as old as time: that you find out who your real friends are when you lose. Of course, this means that for those athletes who rarely, or never, taste defeat they amass a list of acquaintances that could stretch to the moon and back. Here are a few entourages that got completely out of control, replete with blood-sucking hangers-on and honey traps galore.

Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather

The man many regard to be the greatest boxer of all time, Floyd Mayweather was famous towards the twilight of his career for having an entourage that stretched all the way from ring to dressing room. Minutes prior to his fight against Puerto Rican legend Miguel Cotto it was reported that while betting on an NBA game, Mayweather was also chilling out with Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne and Triple H, all of who then accompanied him to the ring. However, Mayweather’s entourage most gets out of control away from the squared circle, where he is known for chartering two private jets when he travels: one just for him and one for his entourage. Being a keen gambler he also carries bags of cash with him at all times, just in case his entourage inspire him to make a parlay bet on a fight or a game of ball.

Michael Jordan

Both NBA and NFL players are renowned for squandering their earnings, the vultures coming to pick at their financially naive bones, and often entourage members are right in the thick of it. Despite being an epic hustler on the basketball court, Jordan was less of one on the golf course where he was regularly tempted by members of his entourage to wager on whether he would prevail over 18 holes. This ended in disaster in 1991 when one of the people Jordan owed money to wrote a controversial book about their exploits that left the star with egg on his face.

Travis Henry

Nowhere near as well known as the two men above him on this list, but former NFL running back Travis Henry is the epitome of a sports star brought to his knees by an entourage. His financial commitments stretch to at least ten women, all of who he impregnated. However, he found making those monthly payments difficult, as he soon turned to crime and has since served a long stretch behind bars. Such can be the dangers of allowing your entourage to get on top of you…


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