GIFs are a major mood lifter while engaging in conversations on social media sites. Be it on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. You know that you are having a meaningful conversation when you start using funny GIFs.

Here are some GIFs which you might want to use while having a funny group chat or a conversation with someone special to engage better in the conversation.

Here is an airplane sweating GIF which is popularly used in WhatsApp conversations that involve an exciting conversation.

It can be used while there is a considerable amount of suspense building up during the conversation. Maybe it is some match result awaiting to be declared or maybe it is some big news someone wants to disclose

Whatever the case may be, this man sweating GIF is a very popular concoughtion of suspense reaching its peak.

Use this to make your conversation even more interesting.

This sweating meme gif is used for after workout pictures or anything to indicate that you are sweating it out.

This guy sweating meme can also be used when you have something phenomenal and feel relieved after saying it. For example, making up a revolutionary quote which is something inspiring.

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You can use this meme on your instagram stories to depict and after-workout feel or look when you have gained those endorphins.

This black guy sweating gif is a popular gif used in almost every WhatApp, Facebook and Instagram conversation.

This sweating meme depicts restlessness and anxiety for wanting to hear an impending news.

This sweats nervously gif is used when a person is very nervous about some news that is to be declared or already has been declared.

Use this GIF to make your conversation interesting and breezy.


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