The life of Daniel Hernandez, popularly known as Tekashi 6ix9nine has ended up committing several felonies till now but has contradictorily progressed in this career as a singer. 

This American rapper has been marked for this abusive language in his music and is characterised by his rainbow hair, face tattoos, his crimes and several public feuds with fellow celebrities. 

Starting with his official recognition in the year 2017 with his song release on Gummo, all his successive songs and collabs have hit the Billboard charts. Although, his singing career was uprising, 6X9 rapper was involved in several crimes.

This includes using a child in a sexual performance, and attempt to murder, theft, robbery, harassment, and the list goes on. He has been put under custody but has recently been shifted to house arrest due to the pandemic. He is said to have been vulnerable to the virus because of his recurring asthma problem

His felonies have been turned into a meme bank labelled Tekashi memes or six-nine memes. 

All 6ix9ine memes surround this 6ix9ine court meme picture which was taken during the singer’s trial. He is seen trying to defend himself by revealing the identity of a criminal gang called Nine Trey Gangsta. However, instead of being sympathetic towards him, several Tekashi 69 stitch memes have been materialised around this picture. 

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This meme surrounds the 90s classic hit song, ‘ It Wasn’t Me’ by Shaggy where he is trying to teach his friend to come out of a cheating scandal. This 6 or 9 meme has taken the internet by storm, where Tekashi is seen stating the obvious fact that it was Shaggy who cheated despite him singing, ‘ It wasn’t me.’

Surrounding the legendary sitcom  90s American TV show Friends, this meme is one of the viewer’s favourites. This 6ix9ine Reddit meme shows Tekashi stating the obvious that Ross Geller cheated on Rachel Green while they were on a break. This meme compared this statement to Tekashi’s feeble attempt on trying to get away from his felonies by spilling the beans about a criminal gang of which he was a part of.


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