Today is a business trip to Tokyo. We had a meeting at “Academyhills Roppongi Library”, a membership library in Hills.

The content of the meeting is a blog consultation to propose to the client! We examined various blog contents that we propose to the staff and clients of a company that handles blog-related businesses.

Now that I’ve solved the effectiveness of blogging on blogging, I think it’s already known to everyone … The ideas I will introduce from now on are medium.

It is well known that the superiority of blogs is very effective for SEO measures as well as the ease of updating, the speed of updating, and the low cost. However, the items of SEO measures change every day, and even if they are displayed at the top, if the rivals take stronger measures, the ranking will drop.

So what is the overwhelming strength of SEO measures, and what is a powerful weapon that will make you lose your fighting spirit with just a little research when a rival company tries to take SEO measures?

That is link popularity!

To put it simply, Google’s PageRank is 5 or 6 or higher, and when the countermeasure keyword is on, it is possible to make the other party think “Oh, this is a little soft!”.

And there is a way it can be done through blogging!
If you use this method, the display ranking will always be higher for the desired keyword! There is no doubt that related products will be uprooted!

Skype is scary!

SkypeThere is a software called Skype. What kind of software is IP phone software using a PC, and if the other party has Skype installed, it is free to talk for hours anywhere.
I’ve been very interested in it for a long time, but I didn’t have a chance to install it, so I came to this day. However, I took the plunge the other day and installed it, and asked my colleagues to install it and use it.

Let’s start with the conclusion!

“Skype is the best!”

It feels like you’re really calling, and when the other person calls you, the bell rings properly. And if you press the receive button, you can talk like a normal phone. At first, it’s a little embarrassing to say “Hello”, but once it comes out, it’s this one.

After that, you can talk without worrying about time. The feeling is not only to tell the matter over the phone but also to communicate as if you were meeting and having a meeting.

What will happen to NTT if this becomes widespread? Will Survive Survive As an Internet Provider? If wireless LAN spots become more widespread and Skype for Pocket PCs is created, even DoCoMo is in danger!

Well, I can’t help worrying about NTT, but there is no doubt that companies that want to reduce their communication costs are definitely recommended software.

Please give it a try!


CafeWe had a meeting with the staff. Then, take a picture of that time with your mobile phone. It is an era in which videos can be easily distributed even on blogs. (* Please see the STAFF MEETING video below if you like.)

It is a very interesting technology because it is possible to build various business models such as shooting a video with a mobile phone and immediately distributing the video on a blog. In the United States, VLOG (VideoLog) seems to be showing signs of fashion at the same time as BLOG, but it will be the same in Japan as well.

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