All too often brands will find themselves trying to promote news about their company through social media. The biggest challenge is in picking the right topic. It’s harder than most think to grab the right piece of information within a story and focus on it to appeal to a general audience but it’s extremely important in any social media brand message strategy. Here’s an example:

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Let’s say that Sally’s Shoe Company has just partnered with a company in South America to start contributing portions of the sales of a new line of shoes to help build a shelter for endangered animals in the continent. They might select the topic of the partnership, posting something like “Sally’s Shoe Company Partners with Bueno Shoes to Aid Wildlife Shelter”. They might focus on the new line of shoes with the headline, “Clevergirl Crosstrainers Launch Offers Help to Endangered Animals in South America”.

Both sound like good, standard PR-heavy approaches to getting out the message.

Both would fail miserably on social media and have little to no chance of getting much exposure.

A better approach would be to pick the topic that would be of greater general interest and that would have a chance of getting spread through social media. “47 Endangered Species in South America have No Refuge… Yet”. In this case, the topic is the portion of the news that people will want to read and share. They don’t care about the company. They don’t care about the partnership. They don’t care about the product launch. They do care about the animals.

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By focusing the spotlight on the animals with the end result being something of benefit, the brand messaging will actually reach much more people than if it was the center of the discussion. The topic doesn’t have to be company-centric. In fact, it’s often better if it’s not.

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