Efficiency and security are essential to businesses of all sizes. There’s a thin line between these concepts, and one can argue that they’re inseparable. Efficiency ensures your business’s operations and employees perform at the highest peak. But it’ll take optimum security efforts to avoid thefts and safety issues that can stifle production and lead to downtimes. Your employees will also want to work in a safe space to bring their A-game. This connection between the two concepts makes it essential for all businesses to prioritize them when planning for their businesses. Here are a few tips to increase security and efficiency in your company.

Use data to improve operations.


Modern businesses have become more reliant on data, which isn’t surprising considering the endless use cases of data for small and large businesses. Leveraging data management can be a great way to identify weaknesses in your operations; as the analytics of various data sources can help tweak your business processes and ensure operational efficiency.

Many companies also use data-reliant resources like business intelligence to make better business decisions. Business intelligence insights can help small businesses identify opportunities in growing market segments so they can scale up their efforts and enjoy a competitive edge in their industries. With data becoming a backbone for efficiency and decision-making in the business world, it’s essential to prioritize using resources like event architecture to complement their data management efforts.

The adoption of event-driven architecture has evolved a great deal moving from data at rest to data in flight, where data managers can track their data as it changes over time. Event-driven architecture is a software design pattern that makes it easy for businesses to detect events or important business moments and act on them in real-time. Some of these events, including password reset requests, unauthorized access denials, etc., require swift attention.

Use the right technology for optimum security.


Small businesses lose between $25,000 and $33,000 every minute, amounting to over $50 billion each year lost to theft. Surveys reveal that about 90 percent of significant theft comes from employees making internal security is a priority for many businesses worldwide. Businesses and property managers can combat security in many different ways, including using security cameras and face recognition access control systems. Networking your security systems can be a better option than leaving them to function independently of each other.

Also, since data security has become an area of increasing concern, especially in today’s COVID-19 era, where many businesses are rapidly adopting virtual work environments, you can use resources like Swiftlane to manage your data and access controls to streamline operations. Their modern systems come with remote access control features like face recognition and mobile credentials that put you on top of your company’s security function even when you’re not on your company grounds. Furthermore, their networked systems are built on the cloud, making it easier to transfer real-time insights to security agencies for instant response.

Go lean and avoid waste.


Striving for business efficiency is an unending process. Sustainable businesses thrive on consistent efficiency across all functions, from concept design to sales and customer relations. So, how can businesses be consistent with high throughput and other efficiency metrics? Going lean can be a great answer. Lean thinking is an approach to business management focusing on continuous improvement and reducing waste.

Lean management optimizes business processes and reduces time spent on repetitive tasks with little value addition capabilities. The approach has been applied by companies across various countries and industries, including Toyota, which recorded a significant value-increasing effect after deploying lean strategies in its manufacturing plants.

All in all, efficiency and security play vital roles in the success of businesses. Good data management along with the right business intelligence tools will help. These tips take time and significant planning, but their results for efficiency and security are certified.


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