Fans of Clash of Clans the long wait is over! Finally, Clash of Clans Builder Hall update is released followed by various teasers and rumors.

No wonder Clash of clans is the best strategic mobile game. One game with two different bases, strategy, game-play, and much more. So here are the top 10 Mysteries about Builder hall

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      1. Builder Hall Layout

The layout consists of 45 x 45 Square layout, with dark green grasses and beautiful created Pine Tree and stones.

Building like Builder Hall and Research laboratory occupies 4 x 4 layout and all defenses and resources buildings occupy 3 x 3. As of now Builder Hall is up to Level 5.

Clash of Clans – Builder Hall – TechieHubs

Builder Hall – Clash of Clans

      2. Versus Battle

After your attack, the opponent will attack your builder base. Similar to Clash Royal, but individual Builder Base. The star rating is same as the previous one

Destroying Builder Hall – 1 Star

50 Percent damage – 1 Star

100 Percent damage – 1 Star

So you need to concentrate on your troops upgrade as well as your defense system.

      3. Battle Rewards

No more Champion or Crystal levels, It just depends on your Number of trophies.

Versus War win bonus

Up to 100 trophies – 10000 Gold and Elixir

100 – 200 trophies – 15000 Gold and Elixir

200 – 300 trophies – 20000 Gold and Elixir

300 – 400 trophies – 25000 Gold and Elixir

400 – 500 trophies – 30000 Gold and Elixir

Up to 100 trophies – 25000 Gold and Elixir

100 – 200 trophies – 30000 Gold and Elixir

200 – 300 trophies – 35000 Gold and Elixir

300 – 400 trophies – 40000 Gold and Elixir

400 – 500 trophies – 45000 Gold and Elixir

      4. Gem Mine Resource

Gem is one of the greatest updates we got in this new update. This upgrade is available in Builder Hall 3 at a cost of 12000 Elixir.

Level 1 Gem Mine can produce 2.1 Gem per day. Also, it’s come for both the bases. Sounds, existing right!

Clash of Clans – Gem Mine -Builder Hall Update – TechieHubs

Gem Mine – Clash of Clans

Battle Machine
Builder Hall New Village Update May 2021

      5. Clock Tower

The clock tower comes with a cool animation with only the second’s needle. Jokes apart, Clock tower makes things happen in a faster way.

It makes everything including resources, train troops, research laboratory and also builds/upgrade your village faster.

Clash of Clans – Clock Tower – Builder Hall Update – TechieHubs

Clock Tower – Clash of Clans

      6. Battle Machine

. The Battle Machine will be unlocked in Level 5. With a big hammer it will hit the opponent.

      7. New Defense systems

Double Cannon – Double the destruction.

Archer Tower Range – We can set as Short or Long Range

Push Trap – Throws the troops to a specified direction

Crusher – Smashes the troops

Guard Post – Kind of Clan castle troops. To store the house troops

Multi Mortar – 3 Heads, 3 Booms !

Roaster – Coming Soon

Giant Cannon – Coming Soon

Mega Tesla – Coming Soon

      8. New Troops

Most of the troops in the Builder Hall are same as other troops with extra ability or Benefits. But this is a special one. Cannon Cart, It’s a Cannon on wheels.

      9. Builder Gear

This is for the master builder. For building Special enhancements! This is still a mystery to be found!

      10. Decorations

There are lot of new arrivals under Decorations like Pine Tree, Target, Bonfire, Stone path, Archer Queen and Ancient Barbarian Statue.

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