Having been swept in this whirlwind of fashion and trend, the man has evolved to become aware and choosier of what they drape their bodies in.

In the recent past, dating just a few decades, readymade garments have taken up space in the men’s wardrobe with a lot of thought and consideration being channeled towards recent trends and fashion citing one brand or the other. 

In lieu of this, brands have been born to cater for and fill the need and the gap. Indian men are more aware and conscious of their grooming and outward presentation and this has propelled sales upward in retail outlets dealing in men wear.

The five brands that top the male fashion world in India, though one may contest because of the numerous brands in the market, they are-

Allen Solly Brand

Allen Solly is a trending brand, with clothes for juniors and women in its itinerary; it tops the list in the finest and trendiest tailor cut to fit outfits for men.

This store was launched in India in 1993 and now hosts various garments ranging from shirts, to footwear, accessories, trousers and chinos, jackets, shorts, suits and blazers, sweaters made from the finest material and for the trendy male.

The Levi Brand

The levi brand holds a good share of the market in India in selling clothes for men. This brand is present in 100 countries worldwide and made its debut in India in 1995.

The brand is distinct in an image and is favored by the youthful generation in India. They offer a breadth of products not only for men but their counterparts too. Levi is well renowned for their jeans, jackets, shirts etc.

The company enjoys a strong presence in India and runs over 400 stores in about 200 towns.
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The Pepe Jeans Brand

This brand made its first appearance in India in 1989 and within a short span of time it had created an impact and emerged to become a popular brand more so amongst the youth.

It fronts very high-quality clothing for men ranging from t-shirts, coats, shirts, jeans etc. Pepe Jeans can be found in most online stores in the Indian market with some even offering free shipping.

The Levi Brand

This fuels the sales and is readily available to a larger population seeking to enjoy a sharper trendier look. The showroom for Pepe-Jeans is found in Bangalore in India on Brigade Road.

Provogue Brand

Provogue is an Indian company launched in 1997 in the country, supporting over 350 outlets in more than 70 cities.

The tremendous growth has seen the company evolve to come up with a comprehensive collection for men in fashionable apparel together with accessories.

The current ambassador for provogue brand is HrithikRoshan and Mahesh Bab for South India.

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Wrangler Brand

Wrangler is an apparel brand from America that offers quality men products and has gained popularity as well as built its name in India.

The brand is praised for its shirts, jackets, jeans and t-shirts that are trendy and befitting the Aristocrat’s in the society. This company was founded in 1943 and fronts comfortable clothing especially the jeans which range differently.

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