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Ways to Use Gifs Successfully

Ways to Use Gifs Successfully

Gifs are the talk of the town these days; fact-check, the talk of the town for years. Though, the first gif was published in 1987; it has come to be a popular medium of expression since it has been started being used on social media, which certainly gave a massive push to its use. Today, you will find use of gifs all across the internet; right from personal chats to advertising campaigns, it has become an extremely popular method of communication. It is said that ‘an image is worth a thousand words’. It only makes sense if a few images are used in continuity to attract people. There are multiple ways a gif can be used; even though the uses may vary right from entertainment to educational.

Here are a few places gifs can be used and ways to use them:

The times are such that companies know the value of gifs, especially when they have a younger audience to connect with.

They know that their customer base is a younger generation looking for help with their studies; so they put up content that they can relate to.

Promotion- This is the crux of the matter. It has come to be used heavily as a promotional tool. Why, you ask?  It has come to show almost a 100% increase in conversion for companies who have started using gifs as a promotional tool. You will find that many student firms like EssayWriter4U, use gifs to make students understand basic concepts of various subjects. A brand like Coca Cola regularly comes up with gifs for its customers. They know that it is the demand of the hour to frequently engage your customer, no matter how. It helps to make the customers keep the name of your company in their head. It does not have to be an advertisement. It could be anything that the customer would find interesting or funny.

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