Wendys. A name you’re definitely familiar with, even if you have not been there. Their famous square hamburgers, sea salt fries, and Frosty screams out delicious.

Even though Wendy’s has been known to have a solid reputation of its own, they make sure they maintain that at all costs. Sometimes, they might even go out of morality’s way to make sure they get what they want. All the love. This means that they don’t know how to handle criticism. Especially if it is on a public forum when someone is critically commenting on them.

There is a great deal of confusion on who runs wendy’s twitter, but we definitely want the dirt on it. In the meanwhile, we have picked out some of the best wendy’s tweets which may make you question their sweetness

We begin our Wendy’s twitter roast list with this one where one of the twitter users is questioning on the ownership of the Wendy’s Twitter page. To this, Wendy’s replies in a sharp, sarcastic answer where they are making it obvious that the identity will not be revealed at any cost.

This is why we say wendy’s burns are lethal because of how crafty they can get with their roast lines.

Ouch. Wendy’s tweets are getting more and more brutal by the minute. Here, wendy’s clapbacks has once again stolen the show with their brutality in public platforms.

They don’t take a second to outrightly diss McDonald’s about their ice-cream machine.

This is one of wendy’s funny tweets that everyone is reposting and talking about. Replying to someone’s comment on what the Subway eatery is known for, a typical wendy’s troll has been recording giving the individual a metaphorical answer to his question.

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Wendy’s roasting people is not very subtle considering the backlash at this specific comment. It is clear from this wendy’s twitter meme above that they don’t take criticism very lightly. Instead, they strike back harder.

Wow. Looks like wendy’s twitter savage comments have touched its peak with this one. One thing that we are definitely certain about wendy’s incapability to undertake constructive criticism.

They just cannot stand any comment or critic against them. Unlike many popular pages, they do not ignore these comments. Instead, they make sure that they roast the person or the entire agency for commenting on them.

This brutal roast has invited a lot of laughs as well as hate. But that should not come off as a surprise given the nasty reply wendy’s has to give to this man who is asking the price for a burger.

However, these tweets are what is keeping Wendy’s twitter page alive. These remarks and cold, brutal replies are amusing for entertainment purposes, even though they might be over the top sometimes.

So, these were our top picks from the wendy’s brutal twitter roast list. It might get better or worse given the degree of criticism they receive.

But now we know for sure, Wendy’s is not to be messed around with. Because they never back down from a fight.


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