Everyone knows that manufacturing and industrial facilities are dangerous environments. There are stringent safety regulations to protect employees, resources, infrastructure, etc. Moreover, there are some materials and machinery that require extra caution while handling.

With so many safety hazards, there is no surprise that the risk of fire mishaps also increases. Some of the significant causes of potential fire hazards in industrial and manufacturing workplaces are industrial equipment, heating devices, tools, etc.

You may think that water-based fire suppression systems can suppress the fire blazes at these settings. However, they may cause more harm than good. For this, you need to install a high-quality fire suppression system made for specific work environments.

Below are some ways a fire suppression system helps create a safer work environment-

Why Is It Necessary To Install A Fire Suppression System In Industries
Why Is It Necessary To Install A Fire Suppression System In Industries

Protect Valuable Resources And Equipment

Even the top company leaders get anxious with the word ‘downtime.’ It means a huge loss in terms of revenue. However, if the downtime occurs due to fire, it means disruption of equipment, costly repairs, and replacements that companies may not afford.

One thing you need to understand is the equipment that needs to be protected against fire may also be sensitive to the water suppression system. Further, this may result in system hazards. A specially designed fire suppression system to protect the production equipment and electrical enclosures can help.

Think of fire protection in terms of machine, as well as cabinet level. Equipment like switchgear, telecommunications equipment, etc. are inherently at fire risk. An automatic fire suppression system targeted to the areas where the machines operate can protect this equipment.

If you ignore a targeted fire suppression system, fire hazards can affect your business assets. It may leave your entire industrial or manufacturing unit at the risk of expensive fire damage.

They Offer Fast, Effective Response

Industrial work environments face a variety of fire hazards. Thus, fire suppression tactics should be targeted to address individual challenges. For example, processing units or flammable liquids handling require fast detection system to take quick action against fire.

Fire suppression systems designed for rapid-fire extinguishment limit the production interruption and provide equipment shutdown interface. Unlike traditional water-based suppression systems, they don’t provide compliance-level protection.

Better Standards Of Protection

Some businesses think if buildings are up to the code, they are completely fire protected. But, these codes are just put to get the occupants out safely before the situation gets worse. While codes tell you whether a suppression system is needed or not, they don’t tell which systems are relayed to specific hazards.

By having a water-based suppression system in place, you may be obeying the codes. But you may not be protecting your business completely. Special fire suppression systems go the extra mile for preventing losses in the facilities.

Why Is It Necessary To Install A Fire Suppression System In Industries
Why Is It Necessary To Install A Fire Suppression System In Industries

Which Industries Benefit From Fire Suppression System?

If your business deals in electronics, delicate equipment, or if the water isn’t the right fire extinguishing agent for the type of fire that may ignite in your building, a fire suppression system is the best bet. Below are some specific industries that benefit from this system-


If you try to douse the grease fires with water, they will spread. Thus, a restaurant, food van, or foodservice industry needs a kitchen fire suppression system.

Spray Paint Shops

This environment is highly exposed to fumes and chemicals, which necessitate using a suppression system made for an auto body paint shop.

Server Rooms/Data Centers

Water and electricity don’t mix. Thus, it is crucial to equip a data center or server room with a special fire extinguishing method other than sprinklers.

Commercial Vehicles

Giant vehicles used for industrial or commercial purposes are at a higher risk of fire. A commercial vehicle fire suppression system can save the operator from potential damages.

These are just a handful of many industries that can benefit from a specially designed fire suppression system. Whether you own an industry, an IT company, or a restaurant, keep a check on all your fire protection needs. Call a fire safety professional now to know what type of fire suppression system will fit your needs.


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