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The takes the boring out of unwrapping the best sports news and information available on the web by filtering out the best parts, braiding it with humorous and pontifical commentary, and collecting it all in one vital discussion community. 

We provide a platform for the readers and the writer so that both can locate each other. We trust that inside every reader lies a writer, and we offer that inside writer a chance to come forward and write for themselves. Therefore, we provide you with the opportunity to write for us and get paid

We consider that the writers who write with their hard work should always get paid, and therefore we provide the opportunity for writers to write for us paid

If this amuses you, join us, write today and contribute to The Live Sports Reviews.

How does It work?

What do we look for?

We are looking for all sorts of writers who can write interesting content for us. We want to hear your viewpoints on various topics and genres related to sports happening around us. We look for the creativity you apply to customize the news in the best possible manner. We look for passionate writers who can provide the best SEO write for us. 

Before starting, have a look at our website and see the kind of blogs there to get a brief idea of what you need to write. Having a look at the site will also give you the idea of what not to cast as we are not at all looking to replicate the themes and articles, which we have already published in the past few months. 

Always make sure that your idea of writing is well conceptual and researched, and above everything, it should be authentic. 

There are particular blog post guidelines which should be taken care of are as follows:

Always keep in mind the following points while writing an article for us:

Some powerful features you can use to attract readers:

Send your article at

We’d love to have you on our team, writing for us. Get all the details on how to continue with the work and how the submission process works. And yes, we also pay. 

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