A GIF is a file format that is created by using a series of separated frames that as a result become an animation. Gifs are used widely these days. These have a lot of advantages. But along with the advantages, there are a few disadvantages of animated gifs. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of animated gifs.

Advantages of Animated Gifs

Easy to Made

Gifs can be made very easily. All you need is a series of images. With these images, you can make gifs with a few steps.

The Gif File Size is small

This is the big advantage of animated gifs. Compared to the other file formats, gif files are very smaller. Because of that, the quality of the file is maintained and the loading time is also decreased.

Best Advantage and disadvantage gifs

Advantage And Disadvantage

No Additional Software Require To View

Most of the flash animations need some software or plug-ins to be installed so that you can view them. On the other hand, there is no need for any software to view Gifs as these are treated as normal images. You can view them on any device.

Images Look Professional

Gifs support a transparent background so you can use them on your website. Using Gifs with no background will give your website a professional look.

Don’t Lose Quality When Compressed

This is also a big advantage of Gif. You can compress them if you want to reduce the size. While doing so, not much quality is lost.

Funny Advantage and disadvantage gifs

Unique Advantage And Disadvantage

Easy To Convey Your Message with Gifs

With Gifs, one can easily convey his message as it is easy to show emotions and movements with Gifs than with other images. Moreover, Gifs get more attention than normal images.

Supported by All Web Browsers

This is also a big advantage of Gifs that these can be viewed on all browsers. All major browsers are able to view these files.

Disadvantages or Limitations of Gifs

Above mentioned are the advantages of animated gifs. Below you will be finding the disadvantages of Gifs.

Can Slow a Webpage speed

We know that Gifs are very smaller in size but despite that, if you use so many Gifs on a single webpage, the speed of that webpage will slow down. So, don’t use much on a single page.

You Cannot Edit Again

This is one of the biggest disadvantages when a Gif file is ready, you cannot edit this. So before completing the process, do check everything is ok and then start making a Gif. In case you forgot anything and Gif is coded, then you need to start from the beginning.

Limited Color Depth

The maximum color depth of gifs is 256 bit, which compared to other image formats, is quite low. Because of that images can look blocky.

High-Speed Internet Required

Gif file size is smaller but in some instances when the internet speed slows down, Gifs take time to load.

So these are the advantages and limitations of animated gifs. Remember that using Gifs smartly can help you a lot of help in engaging with your users.

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